Monday, May 18, 2009

Rosie, Bigger E and Me.....The Calendar Is On Our Side


Seems like it was just yesterday that we embarked on our late-in-the-depths-of-winter Northern World Tour.

And now.... Bingo, Bango,'s Victoria Day!

And summer is on it's way.

Can't wait.

Image at the top of the post.....Rosie, the Whack-A-Doodle, and Bigger E at the dog park portion of Spanish Banks yesterday, right where it bangs up against that part of Pacific Spirit park that will separated from the rest when its heart is cut out as a result of the secret machinations, ably assisted by the obfuscatory deflector spin of one of his bagmen, of the current MLA for Vancouver Point Grey.


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Unknown said...

as a matter a fact it's really "Bozo" NOT wack a doodle