Friday, May 15, 2009

Evil Bills Will Triumph When Good Journos Say Nothing



I have nothing but respect for the body of work of the Globe and Mail's Rod Mickleburgh.

And his Saturday morning notebook dump is often filled to bursting with tiny golden nuggets that keep their value forever.

But yesterday, when he wrote about the low voter turnout in this week's B.C. election I think Mr. Mickleburgh flat out blew it.


Because there was absolutely no mention of Gordon Campbell's egregious "Voter Suppression Project", otherwise known as Bill 42.

Here's hoping Mr. Mickleburgh writes a follow-up....

(and/or dumps something from his notebook, even if it is from May 2008 when the LINO's rammed their 'project' through the Ledge via closure).

Meanwhile, the Ledgie Boys and The Watercarrier just joke around about the subject and suggest we have a lottery....(and Mr. Good, 67% in South Delta is NOT high in historical terms).



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