Friday, May 08, 2009

Campaign Day 25.....Do The Stealth Libs Hate Universal HealthCare?


Well, well, well....

Now I think I understand, perhaps, why the BC Liberal Party's braintrust doesn't want their horses speaking, bit-out-of-mouth and unscripted, at All-Candidates' meetings.


The following is an eyewitness report of one such meeting last night (Thursday May 7th/09) in Vancouver Hastings.

The Stealth-Lib in question was candidate Haida Lane who had already missed one such meeting for no good reason at all. As such, our good friend Great Aunty Bertha, who lives, works, plays, and raises kids in the riding, was fully primed to head on down to see what Ms. Lane did (or didn't) have to say....


It turns out that, according to GAB at least (who, just to be absolutely clear, has never, ever let us down in the past), Ms. Lane said plenty:

"Okay, here is the quick version of this evening, more to come tomorrow after a night of sleep and calming down.

My aha moment as to why Haida Lane (Liberal) showed tonight is that she is 1st Vice President on the board of the Hastings Community Association.

My jaw dropping moment was in her closing statement when she said (and I am paraphrasing because I was so floored, I didn't get the quote verbatim) that we shouldn't cover healthcare for every senior in the province.

The people in front of me said "did she just say that we shouldn't have universal healthcare?"

I spoke to a number of people afterward including the NDP candidate - Shane Simpson and they all said that they heard what I heard. Apparently, the only taping going on was by the liberals. My guess is that quote won't see the light of day......"

Oh boy.

We await further confirmation and/or comment.

Particularly from Ms. Lane's opponent, Dipper Shane Simpson.


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