Saturday, May 09, 2009

Campaign Day 26 (cont'd)....Pregame Answers To Old Questions...


I have only one thing to say about the way the Canuckleheads played on Thursday in Game 3....

Which is that....That overzealous, fundamentalist, non-pragmatic, old school uber-leftist wing lock sure looked a lot like the kind of crap-hockey we saw at the end of last year (ie. the disaster that was 2007/8) when AV tried to back his way into the play-offs.


If he wants to win tonight, AV better let 'em go so guys like Kesler and Burrows get a chance to do their thing at BOTH ends of the ice, which is how they bashed their way to the top of the Smythe (and/or Northwest, or whatever the heckfire they call it now) division a few weeks ago.



Guess that was two things.


Anyway, before just before Thursday'g game we raised three questions that we failed to answer post-game because of the devastation of the loss.

Thus, we thought we'd re-visit them (the questions I mean)...And answer 2 out of three (which ain't so bad) as Game 4 approaches this evening....

Number 1: Which Original Blue Era Canucklehead was known to wrap his skates with more rolls of tape than your average Egyptian mummy?

Answer: Andy Spruce

Number 2: What, exactly, did Mike Keenan say to Trevor Linden in that dressing room in St. Louis in front of the entire team and the Evil Skelator?

Answer: No idea really, but I've always admired Linden for not fussing about it too much (at least not in public), especially given that it led to his being banished to that parking lot hotel on Long Island.

Number 3: Which former Halloween suit era Canucklehead was separated at birth from former Clash frontman Joe Strummer?

Answer: My second favorite Victoria Cougar of all time.....Curt Fraser

Enjoy the game!
(and here's hoping AV doesn't ruin it for all of us)


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