Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Campaign Day 22 (cont'd)....This Codswallop Can Not Stand Man



I rail against the 'mainstream media' as much as the next guy (or girl).

But I really do try to back-up my comments with actual, you know, evidence.

Further, I even go so far as to try and understand, from a lay person's perspective at least, how the media works and the pressures that are put on the folks that work within it.

But the following, from Ian Bailey of the Globe and Mail, is just pure codswallop:

.....Mr. (Gordon) Campbell made the case for four North Vancouver Liberal candidates during a boisterous rally at the campaign office of Naomi Yamamoto by the Lonsdale Quayside Plaza.

His stump speech covered the basics, but he leveled a shot at the NDP first fired during the televised leaders' debate.

"Why is it that the New Democratic platform has not had the support from major employer groups in the province?" Mr. Campbell wondered aloud.

From there, he went on into a wry shot suggestions NDP policies would lead to a hike in alcohol prices at private stores only.

"They're going to raise the cost of beer by six bucks a six pack," a pumped-up Mr. Campbell said. "I can tell you this. I am not drinking beer, but if they put a $3 cost on a six pack of Diet Coke, I'd be mighty upset."

Mr. Campbell famously gave up drinking alcohol after getting in trouble for impaired driving in Hawaii in 2001.....

Why is this codswallop?

Because, in my opinion this is actually one of those times when a second, authoritative opinion (or at the very least, some context) is called for because this bogus 'wedge issue' has been totally discredited as little more than private liquor store industry propaganda that has been wurlitizered-up by Gordon Campbell's party despite the fact that it was actually Gordon Campbell's party that caused the problem in the first place.

But even leaving all that aside.... Again, how could Mr. Bailey possibly type the following and then let it stand:

".....From there, he (Campbell) went on into a wry shot suggestions NDP policies would lead to a hike in alcohol prices at private stores only....."

Why am I fuming over this?

Because ALL, and I mean ALL the evidence indicates EXACTLY the opposite (ie. only private liquor stores that might be affected; there will be absolutely no affect on public stores, absolutely none....zip...... nadda......none whatsoever because the changes the NDP proposes are to claw back egregious subsidies for private NOT public liquor stores)

And yet, Mr. Bailey, who must know this if he has been paying any attention at all just types the bolded passage above and lets it stand there, unchallenged, or even commented upon.

In other words, who needs a silver platter to lay your bogus 'wedge issues' on when you've got a gold-plated steno to carry the accompanying carafe filled to bursting with codswallop.



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