Thursday, May 07, 2009

Campaign Day 24 (cont'd)...The One Hour Masonizing Of Wally Oppal


So I'm reading Gary Mason's column on Wally Oppal's burden this morning while sitting in the dark of South Burnaby's Michael J. Fox Theatre watching a million or so 'Little Miss Sunshine's' hit the stage to take a shot at dreams that are, for the most part, all their own......


Somewhere between the 9 year-old hip-hop and the 11 year-old tap dance categories I finally finish the 'One Hour Masonizing' of Mr. Oppal....

And what do I finally conclude just as MJ's 'Beat-It' fades into Eddie Grant's 'Electric Avenue' that signals the next group of kids is about to commence hoofing?

Well, apparently Mr. Oppal, who clearly(?) operates on a higher plane than the rest of his BC Liberal compatriots, has no time for the hurley-burley of retail politics.

So much so that he can't understand what the folks of his newly annointed riding in Delta South are so upset about.

After all, it's not as if he's really part of the government that has instituted all those, you know,
edicts, proclamations and ill thought-out programs that have so many of his new constituents up in arms.

And besides, don't these people understand that everything is just fine and dandy, regardless.

Because affable Wally is a cabinet minister and as such there is no need for them to keep obsessing over the fact that they're getting screwed royally by a party they're so supposed to do cartweels over.

Or some such codswallop.

Oh, and another thing....Mr. Oppal really, really hates it when that bogeyman called 'real politics' jumps behind the wheel and starts recklessly driving policy.

Which, apparently, is another thing that is way, way, way beneath him.

As for that hastily announced $18 million dollar pro-team soccer complex that he and his man Gordon Campbell announced, out of nowhere, while simultaneously elbowing out the local amateur team out last weekend?

Well, that's just hypocrisy talking.

Which, if you've been paying attention, sure sounds a heckuva a lot like Mr. Oppal just about every time he opens his mouth.


littler e. was in that latter category.....Dance competitions.....I'm telling you, it's some racket.....I mean, we pay for the lessons....We pay for the costumes....We pay for the judges....Then, finally, we still have to pay to get in (and we're not allowed to take pictures - 'cause we have to pay for them too)....Sounds like an 'Independent Dance Power' competition, no?....Of course, it would all be beneath me if my kid didn't love it so much (or have so much fun).....
There was a minor subtext buried in Mr. Mason's column this morning which hinted at the possibility that Mr. Oppal may have been subjected to some racially themed taunts at an all candidate's meeting.....Which is terrible, if it happened.....But again, the hypocrisy, it burns given that this is a party that allows crap like the 'taxes' v. 'not taxes' code words that were written into the ads of another of it's kinda/sorta cabinet material candidates.
Credit where credit is due Dep't....I stuck in the 'affable' descriptor for the final edition after I read Paul Willcocks' most excellent comment in the, well, comments.....


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