Saturday, May 16, 2009

RailGate Goin' Down...Massacre Revisited


Late yesterday we followed the lead of our good friend Mary and Mr. T, Bill Tieleman, with a short, incredulous post about Stephen Harper's post-election present to Gordon Campbell which was an announcement that the current RailGate trial judge, Elizabeth Bennett has been taken off the case because she has been kicked upstairs.

Which, in our opinion, means that there will be even more delays which greatly increases the chances that the entire thing will be thrown out of court which, now that the NDP will never get to hold that public inquiry, essentially means that, well.....

You get the idea.....



Now that it is the Saturday after the Friday Night Massacre, let's have a look at how the 'serious' know the one that, according to Keith Baldrey and Bill Good anyway, decides what is important by sitting 'round the watercooler asking their compatriots what people on the phonelines and at the watercoolers thinks is important (stuff like, apparently, the real story behind the late night hook-ups of the 'parents' in Jon and Kate Plus Eight or some damned thing)....are treating the story....

Vancouver Sun.....Neal Hall's buried follow-on that discusses implications briefly.
Vancouver Province....Nothing

Victoria Times-Colonist...Nothing

Globe and single, solitary, teeny-weeny mention 'In Brief'.
Global TV.....You actually expected something?

Other than that, all that is up in the GooglePlex is the oriignal CP Story that we quoted yesterday (and from which the Globe's brief essentially bowlderized).
(click on image to enlarge)

Question now is......Given the way the media wurlitzer works, will the story be dead as a doornail by Tuesday morning after the long weekend is done?

Not if we can bloody well help it.

So, here's hoping that the questions we will raise over the next few days will help tear opinion makers like Mess'rs Baldrey and Good, or even the Railgate cult-hating Mr. Vaughn Palmer himself, away from the watercoolers on Tuesday when they get back from the Lake and/or Whistler so that they can start covering things that matter, in depth, with tenacity, such that those things (ie. the things that matter) actually become the talk around watercoolers instead of Jon and Kate Plus Eight, or the fact that the Premier's kid knows how to set up a Twitter account (funny how that opinion making stuff works, eh?)

First Friday Afternoon Massacre question.....

Who, specifically, in Rob Nicholson's Federal Justice Department made the decision to kick Ms. Bennett upstairs at this time?

Editor's/producers at the Ceeb....You can play along too, although you probably won't be thinking about this 'till Wednesday....if at all...what with all that work you must be doing getting ready for this summer's upcoming promo-girl segments...


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