Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Campaign Day 23 (cont'd)....Have The PAB Bots Come For......


In case you didn't know it (ha!), there is a cadre of very fine folks and/or spider bots from Mr. Gordon Campbell's Public Affairs Bureau (read: Spin Machine) who drop by with some regularity.

One of those is Bot #186, who likes to land here after first visiting The Tyee.


Now, here's the thing.....

Last night I wrote a short post commenting on how Mr. Campbell's outsourcing of our Medical Services Plan billing to an American behemoth called 'Maximus' may be costing hundreds of millions of dollars MORE than was originally gouged out of us in 2004.

Please understand that my post was really little more than a follow on to the excellent digging and reportage of Andrew MacLeod at The Tyee.

I did, however, add a little zinger about how it is still NOT clear that our medical records are not subject to the vagaries of the American 'Patriot Act'.

Anyway, clearly this latest "Maximus-is-still-screwing-us" story, which does even more damage to the fauxian reputation of Mr. Campbell as 'The Great Manager', has the PAB-BOTS in a tizzy.

And it would appear they have been using all their resources and expertise (ie. they have been searching Teh Google) to try and answer questions like the following:

" msp cheaper under maximus management..."

And how, you may be asking, do I know this given the on-line sophistication and the ultra-secrecy of the uber-competent PAB?

Because, when BOT #186 popped this question on the 'Teh', it brought him/her/it right back to....

(click image to enlarge)

Imagine that!

And don't forget......There are (at least) 223 human PAB-Bots whose job it is to spin webs for 'The Manager', while there are only 10 full time Park Rangers in the entire province of British Columbia.
I'll have more to say on the vagaries of the Patriot Act and a little bit of bad management called 'Bill 73' up soon thanks to a commenter called 'runner' on the thread of
Mr. Macleod's Tyee piece.....


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