Friday, May 15, 2009

Tasers Don't Kill People....


....Asswhollerian lawyers that browbeat clinicians and scientists into submission to keep the truth from coming out do....

Neal Hall in the VSun has the succinct story about how Taser International Lawyer David Neave tried to discredit Dr. Keith Chambers expert testimony that five jolts from a Taser was very likely the major contributing factor in the death of Robert Dziekanski at the Braidwood Inquiry yesterday.

But, in a demonstration of how succinctness can sometimes bury the true importance of a story, CBC Radio's World Report played a clip of parts of the actual browbeating of Dr. Chambers by Taser lawyer Neave on it's 8:00am broadcast this morning that was truly sickening in its sickeningness.

You can listen to the sickingness, in it's entirety, here, if you dare (last story starting at about 9'30'').

And don't forget, this kind of garbage occurs because 'the weapon is safe' mantra is critical to Taser International's Madison Ave-inspired marketing strategy that bamboozles groups like this into trumpeting their product as manna from Kojak.

And if you want the full opinion of an expert medical witness who is not a paid shill of the electronic conductance weapon industry, you can read Dr. Chambers' entire written opinion here (warning pdf).
And now that I think of it, why is a lawyer from Taser even allowed to interrogate a witness at the Braidwood Inquiry anyway?....I mean, if there was, say, an inquiry into a shooting death at the hands of police would lawyers from Smith and Wesson be allowed to browbeat witnesses?


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