Saturday, May 16, 2009

Olympic Security Costs: Soft Selling The RCMP Idiocracy.


Well, well, well....

Turns out that the Feds, the BC LINOs and the Horsmen all knew a long, long time ago that Olympic security costs were going through the roof.

Which is bad enough, in and of itself.

But what is really sickening is how the Horsemen were preparing to 'deal' with the possibility of the story leaking to the press.

Bob Mackin in 24Hrs and The Hook has that story:

An urgent July 16, 2007 e-mail from RCMP financial management executive director Marty Muldoon to officer in charge of protective operations Peter Henschel said: "The worry is that if a media inquiry comes, we want to be prepared to soft-cell (sic) the numbers."


Make the Idiocracy stop.

Right now.

Before the flies really start buzzing around our eyes.


And good on the Work Less Party for filing the FOI request that forced the democracy haters to cough this little furball laced with codswallop up for the rest of us.
And why Dylan's 'Idiot Wind'?.....Because Soft Cell's 'Tainted Love' does not quite cut it, unless, maybe, it's this version.


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