Friday, May 08, 2009

Campaign Day 25 (cont'd)....How Much Will CanWest Media Inc. Give To Gordon Campbell This Time?



(Warning: Cusswords at the bottom of this post; Well, actually just one, oft-repeated; Apologies in advance)

Earlier today the Vancouver Sun endorsed Gordon Campbell and his BC Liberal Party in the upcoming 2009 provincial election.

However, nowhere in that endorsement does it state, either implicitly or explicitly, that the parent company of the Vancouver Sun, CanWest Media Inc., exclusively donated a large sum of money to the party they just endorsed in the last provincial election cycle.


Prior to the 2005 provincial election, CanWest Media Inc., which controls the Vancouver Province, The Victoria Times-Colonist, CanWest Global TeeVee, and many of the 'local' newspapers in British Columbia as well as the Vancouver Sun, donated $50,000 to Gordon Campbell and his BC Liberal Party.

That donation was exclusive.

CanWest did not donate a single dollar to any other political party in the province of British Columbia.

Which begs the question....

How much cash money has and/or will CanWest Media Inc. give to Gordon Campbell and the BC Liberal Party during the current 2009 election cycle?

Now, for enquiring minds of a certain investigatory bent this sounds like a pretty good story as next week's election approaches.

Heckfire (that's not the cussword), the Vancouver Sun itself might even want to send one of it's cracker-jack investigative journalists out to Winnipeg to find out.


Maybe that journo could just pick up the internal bat-phone.


Hang on a second.....

Wouldn't something like that require a CanWest-employed Vancouver Sun editor to assign a reporter such a task.

And what if that assigning editor turned out to be one of the editors that helped write today's editorial 'endorsing' Gordon Campbell and The BC Liberal Party in a manner that most British Columbians would, presumably, have assumed was written without a pre-standing bias.



I apologize for what is coming directly below.

(And for those readers that stop by with any frequency at all you know I rarely swear on-line)

But this is just bullshit.

Total bullshit that a media organ whose parent company donates exclusively to one political party should be allowed to be taken seriously when they 'endorse' that same political party without stating, explicitly, that they have a financial bias aforethought.

Furthermore, for it not to be called out as such (ie. as total bullshit) by every other media organization and/or media organ and/or media commentator in this province is even more bullshit.

Of the most putrid, democracy-destroying kind.



(Swearing now over....we now return to our regularly scheduled use of the term 'codswallop')

Our good friend Laila has more, much more, including video evidence of the rampant Codswalloparianism, here.....
Update: Clearly, Charlie Smith of The Georgia Straight has done his part to call codswallop.....


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