Saturday, May 16, 2009

The GOP Goes Ga Ga....Says Gay Marriage Is Bad For Business...


Is this what we have to look forward to if Little Stephen hangs on long enough?

SAVANNAH, Ga. May 16, 2009, 04:19 pm ET · Republicans can reach a broader base by recasting gay marriage as an issue that could dent pocketbooks as small businesses spend more on health care and other benefits, GOP Chairman Michael Steele said Saturday.....

{snippety doodle-dandelions}

"Now all of a sudden I've got someone who wasn't a spouse before, that I had no responsibility for, who is now getting claimed as a spouse that I now have financial responsibility for," Steele told Republicans at the state convention in traditionally conservative Georgia. "So how do I pay for that? Who pays for that? You just cost me money.".....

Ya, sure Mr. Steele.

Families are bad because if, say, a gay couple decides to adopt a child currently in foster care to give them a better life you'll have to help pay for that kid to go to school.

And what's worse, if a gay couple likes dijon mustard they will almost certainly help kill off the hot dog industry.

Or some such codswallop.



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