Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Campaign Day 23 (cont'd)....Where Have All The Stealth-Libs Gone?

Hey, Teachers!

Hmmmmmmmm.....which of Gordon Campbell's ConLib Candidates are hiding from their constituents this time?

Why it's....

Marc Dalton and Ken Stewart!

A provincial all-candidates meeting focussing on education issues Monday night in Maple Ridge turned into a most-candidates meeting after the two local Liberal Party representatives failed to show.

Embattled Liberal candidate for Maple Ridge-Mission, Marc Dalton, as well as Ken Stewart, the Liberal candidate for Maple Ridge-Pitt Meadows, were absent from the forum held at Thomas Haney secondary, sponsored by the Maple Ridge Teacher’s Association, CUPE Local 703 and the local District Parent Advisory Council.....

And why didn't Mess'rs Dalton or Stewart show up?

Well, apparently for very, very, very, very good/important/dopey/no-good-reason-at-all reasons:

......Initially, Stewart had agreed to attend the meeting, but backed out last week, citing a scheduling conflict, while Dalton, a school teacher in Pitt Meadows, decided to give the meeting a miss in order to focus on his campaign.

“I don’t get the sense education is a priority for them,” said District Parent Advisory Council chair Kathy Froelich.....


Mr. Dalton is a teacher who, given his actions, apparently doesn't think education is worth discussing with other teachers and parents.

Makes sense.


Thanks to reader EyesWideOpen for the tip on this (not-so)Dynamic Duo....
Headshots at top of post taken directly from the each of the DD's official BC ConLib Websites here and here....


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