Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Campaign Day 22 (cont')....Late Night With Codswallop


You do remember Maximus don't you?


It's the American Multinational that does very little (ie. screws up our MSP bills, can't answer our phone calls) and in return charges us hundreds of million dollars for the pleasure of doing so.

The pleasure of screwing up I mean.


It looks like the 'deal' to outsource our MSP billing/kill jobs in B.C. that was made by 'The Great Manager To The Corporate Stars' is actually going to cost hundreds of millions more.

Andrew MacLeod has the story in The Tyee:

....The Maximus contract is supposed to run from April 1, 2005 to March 31, 2015. Continuing to pay the company $50 million a year -- assuming no further escalations -- would put the total payments over $450 million, some 50 per cent higher than Hansen announced they would be back in 2004.....

And what do The Great Manager's minions have to say for themselves?

.....A call to Liberal Health Minister George Abbott, a candidate in Shuswap, was not returned by posting time.....

Oh well, Health Minister Abbott was probably too busy hiding from all-candidates' meetings to answer his phone.


There was also one other small minor side issue to the 'deal' the Great Manager made that has never, to my knowledge, been adequately dealt with.....Which is that all of our medical records appear to be subject to US government search and seizure under The Patriot Act given that Maximus is an American Company.... In other words, not only are we paying Maximus hundreds of million dollars to screw up, but it would appear that we may also be paying them hundreds of millions to screw us.......Did I mention that we used to pay British Columbians to do this job?


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