Wednesday, March 09, 2016

At The End Of The Day...

...Sometimes you actually wonder what will be on the front page of the Vancouver Sun tomorrow.

Specifically, will it be the kinda/sorta, but not quite (see if you can find the excuse!), retraction of the codswallop that was on today's front page.


Will it be something really important about what Mr. and Ms. Trudeau had for dessert last night?

And, yes, this is the time at the Pacific Gazette when we dance like....Idiot Bloggers.



North Van's Grumps said...

This guy just doesn't live up to his promises

"I take the situation quite seriously," added Ben James, director for government caucus communications. "We're here to represent the B.C. Liberal MLAs, and this is something I don't practise. And it's not something that's happening while I'm here. This is a very serious situation for me." - Cassidy Olivier - the Province November 18, 2012

e.a.f. said...

oh, well nothing has changed. the liberal rag also known as the Vancouver Sun just doesn't know how to get its facts straight. Guess they are now officially on the B.C. Lieberals pay roll.

of course the man who is a Canadian citizen might not like being referred to as having another nationality. This ought to be fun. what idiots the Sun has and of course deJong, must have left his brains out at the farm

Anonymous said...

You have to wonder why the Liberal { ethnic scandal } government hired this guy..... oh ya... it's to get the filipino vote: " The young student explained why he wants to get involved in Kalaw’s campaign. “I’ve been looking for ways to get involved with the B.C. Liberals because I’ve always believed in B.C. Liberal values,” Decolongon said. “It’s why my family prospered. My mom owns a travel agency in the neighbourhood. If it wasn’t for an environment where business can prosper, people like my mom would haven’t been successful.”

Guy in Victoria