Thursday, March 10, 2016

Tax Haven-A-Go-Go...Canada's Own Version Of 'The Wire'?


It's bad enough that high-rolling the tax avoidance addicts among us may be let off the hook.

But, as the Mound of Sound says over at his place, what about the pushers:

It's a pretty disgusting state of affairs. Under the Trudeau government, rich tax cheats get amnesty. It seems the Canadian Revenue Agency is only allowed to use the wheel, the rack and those thumb screws on the little people.

But what about KPMG, the accounting giant that seems to have masterminded the Isle of Man tax dodge scheme? When you raid a drug den you sweep up the addicts but you make damn sure to get the dealer because that's the one you most want, the trafficker. He's the one staring at real jail time...

Not that anybody is even remotely suggesting, in the absence of any legal repercussions, that the fine folks from accounting should receive the Omar Little treatment or anything.

Dr. Dawg gets to the real heart of this matter....Here.



Anonymous said...

the 1% club?

hey 99% club?

Anonymous said...

Used to be that if you counseled someone to commit a crime, especially fraud, embezzlement, tax evasion, or other financial crime, you would be investigated and charged under the CRA or criminal code. Conspiracy to defraud Canada Revenue, used to be a big deal, apparently not now. Not only, is the interference in a criminal investigation, by a political body, highly suspect, but it renders the law in this case suspect. I would say that anyone pleading no contest to the same type of financial charge, could under a constitutional challenge, gain the same outcome.
This virtually renders the CRA enforcement of this type of crime, to be that of a lame duck.
Justice must be seen to be done, to indeed be done. The political interference in the enforcement of any law, that prejudices a government ministry, in fulfilling such important compliance circumstances, essentially inhibits the function of that ministry, and leaves the public with the perception, that cronyism and political favoritism, are the norm, in the CRA.

Keith E. said...

Some of the pushers

Lenin's Ghost said...

Move on. Nothing to see here. As I advised friends and acquaintances during the election. The liberals are just the cons with a kinder, gentler tone. Tweedledee and Tweedledum. Price we pay for having an uneducated society.
I've got a five year plan to retire out of this pathetic country.
Do you have an exit plan? No place to grow old.