Wednesday, March 02, 2016

This Day In Clarkland...Vive La Videographie!


Update: Lunchtime Wednesday....The video extravganza of Mr. Clark's super-fine Paris trip has now passed 100 views!....I think the wizards of Clarklandia can thank the PGazette's readers for getting them over that century mark after all these months...Bravo!
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Why does our fine Premier need, as Bob Mackin points out, to take videographers that cost us tens of thousands of dollars with her as part of her entourage when she travels to places like West Kelowna and/or Paris, France?


Apparently, it makes it possible for said entourage, backed with an entire army of PAB-Bots back home, to make little movies that garner tens of viewers.




Bill said...

One reason that hasn't been mentioned why Christy jet sets with an entourage of hangers on could have been inspired by her good buddy the entitled now ex-Premier of Alberta... Allison Redford.

Redford behaved royally entitled and was not comfortable sharing her and her daughters flights with mere commoners, not even most other government officials. So... would have an assistant fully book her flight with staff (sometimes phantom staff) so that there would be no room for other interlopers. Those phantom bookings were then cancelled and the entitled Redhead would have here privacy. This really happened and contributed to the growing outrage and her departure.

Perhaps... 'Evita' Christy not wanting to singly account for the cost of jet shuttling solo arranged to have extra staff tag along to keep her company. The group numbers would more easily justify a private charter flight over common commercial flight. Everyone wins in this scenario (the high flying Christy and Co, the favored Lib friendly Charter Co) only the poor tax payer gets grounded.

Neither Redford or Christy has ever flown using radar, ethics or their own dime. Although Redford has and Christy will be well looked after in the parachute department.

Anonymous said...

Given her Grace's well known respect for Law & Order it is a sure thing that we, mere plebes that we are, will never see an inch of that footage used for partisan purposes with a 'BC Liberal' logo on it. NEVER!

e.a.f. said...

She thinks she's important. Important people have people recording their lives. So here we are with our tax dollars making the photo op queen a "movie star" in her own mind.

She can use all the footage for her media campaign at election time.

This woman thinks she is entitled to everything. Harvey O's Keeping it Real blog has a great anaylsis by D.M. Johnston on Christy. its worth the read. it explains the need Christy has for being videoed.

Oh, well while many can't afford the tolled bridges or bus passes, we have the photo op queen on private jets. Well the province elected her and now the province can live with it. Its sick, very sick.

Chuckstraight said...

I see that the laundry workers in Kelowna won`t have jobs anymore as they are being given (privatized) to a BC Liberal Party donor company. The money saved will help pay for Christy`s videographer.
Also, the workers that lose their jobs won`t have to buy an electric car so they can drive in the HOV lanes to their now non-existent jobs in the free enterprise centre of the universe, Kelowna.
Cynical- yep.
Keep up the good work you do RossK.
I waited years to get rid of the Socreds.
Hopefully it will happen again.

North Van's Grumps said...

We just found out what Christy Clark is talking about, her videographer(s) have this to show you. Money well spent by the Ministry of Transportation / Highways! Fittingly the title of film is called 22 Minutes!

Published on Jun 18, 2015

As some of you already know, we’ve been digging deep into our storage and digitizing 16mm photolog footage from 1966 to give you our BC Road Trip Time Machine video series. (“PhotoGates” were created to capture road condition information across the province and give our engineers the ability to study a particular stretch of road without having to travel into the field.)

This is only one paragraph, so come on over to the office and see what they have in story for you. We might even find that missing hard Drive that Mike Bernier has been looking for the past eight months.
Next up will be the millions of operations that Health Minister Terry Lake has been saving up to show the benefits of having a Videographer. The film was for potential lawsuits by the patients who didn't make it.

North Van's Grumps said...

TranBC Trailer working for you with your MSP dollars

Norm Farrell said...
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Norm Farrell said...

They should document Clark's travels the way they document most government business: with POST-IT notes.

However, I guess that wouldn't create video footage that can be used in the next election campaign.

e.a.f. said...

perhaps queen of the photo ops will have her own 24/7 "news station" like Harper did. she did hire his former staff. Even Christy's new commercials for work B.C. look like the old Harper, Action Canada ads, you know over weight female in hard hat in trades..........
Love the ad with the guy, his only aspiration seems to be having a pick up truck. Like that is all our young people aspire to? Christy and her clowns may have a surprise. Most of them want houses, decent places to live, decent health care, and decent schools to send the off spring to.