Thursday, March 31, 2016

This Day In Clarkland...Site C Jobs-A-Go-Go.


Well, well, well...

Would'a thunk that the Clarklandians would be caught fudging the Site C Jobs numbers.

Jonny Wakefield of the Alaska Highway and all its News has the story:

Only 65 per cent of the 482 people working on the Site C dam in November were from B.C.—below the 75 to 80 per cent previously claimed by BC Hydro and government officials.

That's according to documents obtained through freedom of information (FOI) by BC Building Trades, a labour group that's keeping a close eye on the $8.8 billion project...


...When asked that question in January, BC Hydro President and CEO Jessica McDonald told Alaska Highway News that in December, 75 to 80 per cent of Site C workers were from B.C. In December, Energy Minister Bill Bennett told the Vancouver Sun that B.C. residents made up 75 per cent of the Site C workforce...


Is it possible that Ms. McDonald and the Ol' Turdstormer were having a little trouble with that new fangled thing known as the old math (i.e. long division)?

But never mind all that.

Because John Yap is here!

Of course the real problem here is that Ms. McDonald's 'company' has gone with an 'open site' model that allows contractors to keep the door open to non-British Columbians.

Not that John Yap and his cabinet colleagues (and/or the fine folks running his even finer Premier) have anything to do with that or anything.


For the record, the actual FOI unearthed by the Building Trades folks is....Here.



Hugh said...

BC Energy Minister on the $9 billion Site C:

“The forecasts that (BC) Hydro has done indicate it won’t need much, if any, new generation in the next 10 years either. It’s the current situation in the province, where we are using about the same amount of electricity in 2016 that we were using in 2008.”

e.a.f. said...

surprised the number of British Columbians working Site C is actually that high. Must be because a close eye is being kept. Do expect more TFWers on the site. There must be enough people coming back from Alberta to full staff the site with people from B.C.

What would be really interesting to see is, how many TFWers are on site. Do I have to read the report//////?

Chuckstraight said...

I am not well versed on the subject, but doesn`t something called TILMA prevent BC from having all the jobs at Site C?

cfvua said...

Now, in light of the 65% job number. Subtract all truck drivers that are delivering camp modules to the stockade and fuel and groceries and all of the other machinery that is arriving at site on trucks from out of province. Not one local truck delivering goods coming from out of province to site. A couple local trucks are hauling water in and sewage out. Now subtract the bridge building crews that were temporary and reported to be from the bridge contractor's Alberta operations. And all of a sudden less than half of the work is being done by out of province people who will be paying income tax back where they live. An individual was standing in a business' telling counter staff he has just been hired by Acciona to work on the project for 5-7 years and would be doing the 16 hour flight back and forth to wait for it ......Labrador city.

Without knowing the special skill set of the individual, and the availability of all manner of construction people in BC I was surprised with our low employment numbers we have to go so far afield and spend all that money flying people around for a relatively simple civil project. There are no disciplines required on site that could not be filled by a BC resident or even a local resident.
I don't expect an honest answer from the Minister as he couldn't get the percentage correct and was caught in an outright lie.
Locals have known from the outset that the amount of labour and contract opportunities have been paltry.