Saturday, March 05, 2016

This Day In Clarkland...Other Bids? What Other Bids?


Well, well, well.

What do know....

The Clarklandians will not release any information on the 'losing' bids for the Site C construction lead project.

Nelson Bennett of BIV has the story. Here is his lede:

On November 25, 2015, BC Hydro announced it had awarded a main contract for the construction of $9 billion Site C dam to a consortium called Peace River Hydro Partners (PRHP).

The consortium includes ACCIONA Infrastructure Canada Inc., Petrowest Corp. and Samsung C&T Canada Ltd.

It was one of four companies and consortiums that had been shortlisted in the bidding process.

BC Hydro did not give an exact number for what the contract was worth, but ballparked it at more than $1.5 billion. On December 25, 2015, it put the value of the contract at “approximately” $1.75 billion.

But was that the lowest bid?

When asked that question, BC Hydro refused to answer. And in a response to a freedom of information request filed on November 26, 2015 by Business in Vancouver, the B.C. government continues to refuse to answer the question...

And, of course, the BC Rail bidding process was never, ever the template for this kind of stuff.



Speaking of GordCo, Inc., the following is something just a wee bit interesting from the non-censored part of BIV's FOI haul:

...One email from BC Hydro CEO Jessica McDonald on November 16, 2015, suggests there was a bit of a rush to finalize and announce the awarding of the contract.

“There is a very tight timeframe for an announcement of this award,” McDonald writes in an email. That urgency is not explained as the following sentences are redacted...

Too bad they missed that October 19th deadline, eh?

Interestingly, one of the partners in the Peace River Hydro Partners consortium that 'won' the bid, Petrowest, is in a wee bit of financial trouble as was recently reported by the Alaska Highway News' Jonny Wakefield...Guess the fine folks of Clarklandia in general and Ms. McDonald specifically, missed that one in their rush to announce the 'winner'...



Anonymous said...

no bid,sole source, tender?

Anonymous said...

Maybe someone, the Press, should advertise, a reward, for those companies that did submit bids to BC Hydro on Site C. Would the contractors be up in arms if they were to discover that they had a lower bid than the $1.5 billion?

RossK said...


From my reading of Mr. Bennett's full article it is still not entirely clear what the real number is.


davemj said...

The liarcorupt govt are giving us the people! the thumb to the nose and slapping there ass at the same time saying G.F.Y.H.{go-your hat}shut your tax paying holes it does not concern you low life.How long before the people get it.Some how if people made copies of there giving supporters rich deals,there appointees,friends,media,family rti noticed another Plecas is involved in Govt along with Smart etc,leave in coffee shops and fast food chains. Watched W 5 C.T.V.and there investigation on the dumping the contaminated soil on the Island above the Lake where the residents get there drinking water talk about bribes and corruption Molly Maideen Mary Plus lack did her best to hide from the reporter but they got her but its before the courts BLA,BLA some heavy came out tried to kick them out,but the mgr said they had to go!order from the almighty Preems orfice.its well worth watching

RossK said...


I agree that the W5 piece is well worth watching.

But I think we, as citizens of British Columbia, have to ask ourselves why, given that everything in that W5 piece was already publicly available, our local proMedia has failed to take action on this matter in any serious way.

In my opinion this failure to act on multiple demonstrable facts, and go looking for more, is the reason we have the type of government that we do today.

I will never forget how, after the 2005 election, three very prominent local proMedia members said, repeatedly, on a certain morning radio show (now defunct) that BC Rail didn't matter because the voters had spoken.

Do you think they would not do the same with Shawnigan, or Site C, or the next white elephant bridge, or a $200 billion dollar debt load that has nothing to do with, as the good Mr. Palmer of local proMedia fame likes to call it, a 'grocery bill'?

My apologies everyone...

Rant off (at least for the moment, because I hate it when I lose my sense of humour).


Lenin's Ghost said...

No worries, Ross.

As in my biz. If you don't vent, you will explode!

Lew said...

W5 folks would probably have a harder time catching any strays from the local media herd for an interview about their efforts on this than they did tracking down the perps.

Anonymous said...

BC Rail does matter...anything this corrupt government , does "does" matter. A word to the big 3 in media, protect democracy, failure to do so, will cause a real mess. The malfeasance runs deep in this province. A corruption enquiry will come. Look at Brazil's mess, that scandal is huge. You don't think the BC Liberals know what kind of a mess they've created?
Soon, very soon, change will come, its time BC had an accounting of the BC Liberal ripoff.

John's aghast said...

Ross K: "...its still not entirely clear what the real number is."
The real number will be clear AFTER the project has been completed, the dust has settled and the true cost has been established. Then add 20%!
Does anyone know what the real number for the 'sale' of BC Rail was? Was it $1 Billion, or was it $1 Billion, less the tax indemnity cost?
In other words, what did we the taxpayer receive in compensation? And did we in fact receive anything?

Anonymous said...

BC democracy corporately compromised?

Grant G said...

Imagine that....Christy Clark lying, obfuscating, deflecting, not answering questions in Legislature...According to Keith Balderdash


Keith Baldrey ‏@keithbaldrey Mar 1

In every Question Period she 's attended this session, Christy Clark has unhinged the Opposition. Something to see in person. #bcpoli


According to Palmer and Baldrey...Being a effing stupid-ass premier who answers no questions, avoid accountability while throwing barbs at everyone who doesn't polish her boots, including spitting at Alberta and Ontario...

This according to Palmer and Baldrey is skill..

Think it's time for A kEEF REPORT UPDATE

RossK said...


I think you may be right re: update...


John and Anon-Four-Above--

Most excellent points.

About absolutely everything, from Rail to Laundry to Education, to Magic Carpet Tops, to BC Hydro, to ICBC, to MSP, to Crown Asset Sales, to the Adult Disabled, to Justice, to Ferries, to Convention Centers, to Ice Bomb Bridges, to Bollywood Bashes, to Translink, to totally manufactured Faregate Fiascos, to Seas-'N-Skies, to Sparkle Ponies, to Mine Tailings, to Sparkle Ponies, to REstate Asset-Bubble-based economies...

Did I miss anything?



Now that is a W5 that I'd pay real money to see.



Just don't like to wallow in it - but thanks.


Hugh said...

You missed the roughly $16 million of bogus carbon offsets the "carbon neutral" BC govt makes BC schools, hospitals, etc purchase.

Here's the breakdown for 2014:

e.a.f. said...

How interesting it would be to see the paper work on the other bids. it is unlikely the bidders will "open" their bids. There was most likely a clause which forbids that.

now if some enterprising hacker had the information and "dumped" it for the world to see, that would be entertainment for a month.

Where are Watergate type burglars when you need them? O.K. its illegal, but part of me, just would love it, if some one got their hands on them and sent them to bloggers. Not to the press, they'd just burn them. Wouldn't want the truth to come out. The 3 dumb guys who think they're political commenters, well, they're just old has beens, on their last legs, getting ready for retirement. Like when was the last time some one actually believed what they wrote?

RossK said...


Ah, yes.

And administered/imposed by the infamous 'Pacific Carbon Trust'.

And, in my humble opinion the last word of that particular triple play is laughable.


RossK said...


In my opinion nothing like that is necessary...Take the W5 Shawnigan Lake thing, for example...All that was needed has been publicly available. All it took to get the story out, for real, was to have a proMedia concern actually do a little extra digging and dot connecting.

I mean, heckfire, look at what Laila Yuile and Norm Farrell are doing essentially on their own.


ron wilton said...

Surely the collusion between SIA and EA is an illegal activity and the police should be doing their job in this matter.

I personally have no doubts that some in the governing party have similar 'arrangements' with one or both of these companies.

davemj said...

Palmer, Balderdash,fleshshiter,are a disgrace to the memory of Jack Webster. That phony Vanilla B.S.bull Bill aintsogoode asskisser supreme when i see him doing the ad for C trust i change the channel that phony chuckle and his on time and on budget what a puke!sorry i never used to be this way sixteen years ago.

e.a.f. said...

It was W5 and not everyone watches that. The press in B.C. isn't going to give much play to any of it. It was impressive though that they made W5 that fast.

Yes, people are working hard to access information, but its a few people working very hard, it would be so much easier to go the easier, but illegal route. (o.k. I'm a tad ethically challenged)

it was entertaining to see the Minister avoid commenting: its before the courts. It would be nice to see how much the B.C. Lieberals actually knew about all of that. So convient for the minister, that its before the courts.

B.C. Rail still stinks and this matter will also. I doubt if anyone will ever be charged with conspiracy. In my opinion there is/was a conspiracy to commit a criminal act, the greatest would be the poisoning of citizens. its like some of these people went to the Flint, Michigan school of public works and political ethics.

Anonymous said...

hey we only need one bid :(

wasnt the BC Rail sale competitor bidder that felt the bidding was rigged in favor of winner?

Anonymous said...

The only way to ensure that the BC Liberals are held responsible and legally prosecuted, is for mass public protest, grassroots political action and demands made to opposition parties that public support for them is based upon the public "having justice done" against the BC Liberals, its insiders and co-conspirators.
Make your "vote" really matter, your opinion heard and your political will made known. The right people are listening, get involved, support the party of your choice. Keep the heat on the BC Liberals.
Corruption is a festering "cancer"that once unleashed, increases in intensity, through arrogance and deceit. Unchallenged, it permeates every area of political life.
It must be challenged at every turn, everyone has a responsibility to protect their democracy. Take it very seriously.
Once you lose it, its gone. The BC Liberal "criminal" enterprise,; flourishes because it is allowed to. As long as no on e confronts them, they will continue.

Anonymous said...

Very interesting comments. The BC Liberals in my view have been given a free ride from our friends in the mainstream media. I thought that Adrian Dix was a poor choice of leader. Why- because of the target on his back regarding backdating some documents. I remember the debate when the question was asked about each leaders opinion about marijuana legalization. When Mr Dix was asked, I think he indicated he favoured decriminalization, or something like that. When Christy Clark was asked the same question, she made a comment to the effect that " I see what Adrain Dix is thinking about, and never answered the question. She was not challenged or asked to answer the question. I have always remembered this.
One commenter above mentioned Jack Webster- we sure could use someone like Jack today- Baldrey and his ilk will never ask any tough questions.

Lew said...


Agree with your comments about the free media ride.

As for a target on Dix's back because of a back-dated memo, it makes it that much harder to understand why the NDP continues to roll over and play dead on the Basi/Virk payoff. What essentially happened there was the BC Liberal Deputy Finance Minister, on advice from the Deputy Attorney General and knowledge of the Attorney General, signed a back-dated release retroactively forgiving liability for over $6.2 million. It was retroactive because the government required Basi and Virk sign a release that extinguished their right to appeal their convictions before the convictions were entered. Under a separate agreement, their signatures and the convictions were among conditions precedent to the government's release of their liability. The Deputy Finance Minister did not have authority to forgive any amount over $100K.

Dix's back-dating indiscretion pales in comparison to de Jong's, but the NDP lets the target and label stick to him and his party while de Jong kicks sand in the NDP's face. Doesn't show much strength.

cfvua said...

It would be interesting to review the decision on choosing the "short-listed" consortiums as well as the selection of the "winner". Under normal circumstances and open tendering a bonding arrangement of some sort would be in place.
Another interesting project review would be what looks like a direct award to Morgan Construction of the North Bank Prep project. This project followed standard protocol for BCBid where it was put out for tender, up until the unverified tender amount stage, where it went secret all of a sudden. 13 entities show up as plan takers, but that is the last report. Cynics of the area are suggesting that the award to a company owned by a grandson of a deceased hold out landowner may have been linked to sale of said land to Hydro.
Starting to smell as bad as the BC Rail giveaway. And we are just getting started, heck the bar at the camp just got its first load of booze.

Anonymous said...

BC liberals appears to sell BC to foreign buyers.?