Wednesday, March 02, 2016

This Day In Clarkland...Word Salad Wednesday!


Does this mean that revenue generation in Clarkland is a zero sum game?

Come to think of it, if you're a resource Multi-Nat it's all plus you and all minus for us, so I suppose that, in some cases zero can actually be a plus when it comes to the governance by our fine Premier and her very best friends.



Stop reading and...

Go pay your Hydro bill!

And, no, we are not sure if Ms. Clark's videographers caught all the national media sprinting away from her salad-based presser as soon as they caught a whiff of the snow boarder in the air...



Anonymous said...

Is zero sum like the way the HST was suppose to be zero sum, but ended up being a massive tax shift on to consumers and off of business? So much of a shift that the BC Liberals are now rewriting the PST so that the burden is again shifted off of business and on to consumers... is that the zero sum CC4BC is talking about?

Or is she talking about the carbon tax that takes money from schools and hospitals and gives it back to the province that gave it to the schools and hospitals in the first place?

CC4BC unconfuse me PLEASE!

Anonymous said...

When this government is finally turfed..the rescinding of various legislation and the re-balancing of the books in this province, will be a top priority, followed by a criminal corruption enquiry, into 15 years of BC Liberal conspiracy against the taxpayers and ordinary citizens of this province. We have all had enough. This group of criminal "wanna be's" have to go, and as early as possible.
With all the accounting slight of hand and manipulation, a team of forensic accountants will be busy for months, even years. The BC Liberal numbers are rigged, to only portray their truth, not the real truth.
This is "organized white collar crime", and yet no agency responsible for investigating criminal activities within governance in this country, is doing a damn thing about it.

Lew said...


Agree with your sentiments completely except for one quibble. This group has moved far beyond "wanna be's" when it comes to criminality.

Hugh said...

They think spending $9 billion on Site C to provide clean power to non-existent LNG plants makes LNG 'green'. It just means more BC natural gas can be exported and burned. Doh.

e.a.f. said...

just how will the schools and hospitals fare in all of this? Lay off more staff?

In 20 years we will still be paying for Site C and no one will be using LNG. As the price of solar comes down, we can expect to see it built right into new homes.

Site C is for the corporate elite so they can have one more swing at the treasury.

As to the B.C. Lieberals being turfed, don't know if it will happen. We have yet to see or hear very much from the NDP, which is supposed to be the Official Opposition. You'd think they would have their M.L.A.s and organizers out in the province, but no, who even knows where they are. We see Eby on T.V. once in a while, the rest, must be missing in action. There doesn't even seem to be any grass roots work being done.

Whoever is asleep at the switch, could you wake up for a minute, call Notley and see how she did it. ask her if she will send Gerry Scott back.