Wednesday, March 30, 2016

This Day In Clarkland...Where's That Confounded Bridge?


Don't look now but the Clarklandian government caucus is ecstatic about the level of public support it has managed to wurlitzer up for the Massey Bridgification of Everything:

Except for.



Interestingly, all of this kinda/sorta reminds me of days gone by, back when a certain advocate for the building of the taxpayer intensive ice bomb bridge managed to wurlitzer up all kinds of alleged public support based on an organization that had the pledged support of precisely six members of said public...See if you can spot the most interesting name of a certain former political operative and recent CTF fundraiser in that old story...
Got a wee bit of an ear worm from the due to the 2nd part of the post header?....Well...This.



sd said...

But is Ottawa going to give any money for this?

Hugh said...

How many $billions?

No worries, just add it to the existing $172 billion BC debt and obligations tab.

North Van's Grumps said...

port mann bridge community input had 246 respondents to the government's questionaire something along the lines of " keeping the old port mann bridge and building another bridge side by side with the new one being tolled and the old one FREE would $2.50 per trip be fair?"

The respondents said YES as long as there was an alternate route.

Two Hundred and Forty Six persons!!!!! and based on that response the Government of Gordon Campbell spent over $3 billion and then demolished the FREE bridge which was in a better condition that the Pattullo bridge is, ... today.

Anonymous said...

@NVG --> that is the only question we were told about. You can bet there were many more less convoluted questions that didn't get the required response that were quietly placed in the round file before seeing the harsh light of day.

Bill said...

I wonder how dope would respond to the Messy Bridge if they were better informed of a real business plan, environmental review and alternate options. Support seems less than 'Astro'nomical.

Jordan Bateman, Todd Stone, Rich Coleman and Christy Clark... quadruple delete. Save the Lower Fraser from the Liberals.

(Your WayBack machine is five stars.)

RossK said...

Thanks Bill--

I've got a memory and I plan to keep using it.

NVG and Anon--


The ramming strater(g)ies that were instituted to get the ice bomb bridge were based on very, very small numbers of responses to very select questions that almost no one would say no to.

Interesting to think what would have happened if the same group had been charged with ramming through the Translink proposal (instead of the opposite).



But, as the Dean himself has said, all is fine because were are at least taking care of the comparatively miniscule yearly grocery bill while we re-financing the massive mortgage ever upwards. Of course, in large part we are doing taking care of the yearly groceries by forcing ICBC policy holders, electricity users, and health card holders with the shallower pockets to pay disproportionately for all that.

Not to mention the adult disabled who, apparently, also according to the Dean, would have been fine with their bus pass clawback if it had just been de-coupled, timing wise, from the stipend increase.

Or some such thing (scroll down).

(I honestly wonder, sometimes if any of these folks actually no any folks who are really and truly struggling in this province)


If I remember correctly the Feds have said that they will be in for a third once the Clarklandians figure out how to screw the rubes over for the other 2/3rds.


Anonymous said...

Spin poll propa?


North Van's Grumps said...

George Massey Tunnel Replacement March 30, 2016

Open Houses

Fact Sheet Planning Chronology

Consultation Confirms Support for Massey Tunnel Replacement

North Van's Grumps said...

George Massey Tunnel Replacement March 30, 2016 Releases

Geotechnical Data Report - Steveston Highway Interchange and Green Slough

Geotechnical Data Report - Highway 99 and Interchanges

DRAFT Concept

Business Case

Risk Report

Procurement Options Report

Operations, maintenance and rehabilitation base cost estimate report

Capital Cost Estimate Report for Massey Tunnel Replacement

Anonymous said...

But, they have totally forgotten that the Patullo is and should be the first bridge for replacement. Why would you spend a billion upgrading? What a waste when everyone knows there needs to be a new one. Shame on this government. The Massey is just another Port Mann to fill pockets of a few. Seeing a few drawings, a bike lane, pedestrian lane? Like really? How many pedestrians live out there and would "walk to work" or bikes? So what, you get 5 maybe? Most I see on the Alex is 2 any time I've gone over it. So really? This bridge is for the big tankers to come up the river. Also, one only has to travel the #1 going west off the PM to see the congestion at the end of the not so much used PM. Wrong, wrong and wrong. But then, this government knows nothing about right or wrong. Just waste of tax dollars.

North Van's Grumps said...

At least we now know the methodology that the BC Liberals used to decide on whether or not to go ahead with Site C. '284' respondents said that they were in favour of BC Hydro increasing its debt load 100 years earlier than required AND more importantly, but not mentioned anywhere...... they are Fortis Customers, Fortis investors and not subject to BC Hydro rate raises to balance the BC Liberals Budgets.