Wednesday, March 09, 2016

This Day In Clarkland....Hit And Run Ratf*cking.


The following was NOT posted on the Twittmachine by the leader of the Official Opposition in British Columbia...


Who posted it?

Why none other than a self-professed 'social media intern' with 'Today's BC Liberals' (scroll up).

Which means, I guess, that it's all-Segretti-all-the-time for the Wizards of Clarklandia now.

Segretti?....You might remember him if you are old like me or, if after watching Spotlight win those Oscars, you decided to stream that other movie everybody kept talking about...

Of course, this just may have been a kid working completely on his own, on a lark....But it would appear that these fine BC Liberal-aligned digitally influential-type folks work in teams....And if this fine young fellow really is an 'intern' for the BC Liberals, does that not mean he has a boss?...So... I reckon there might be some Woodsteinian questions an enterprising young reporter might want to ask said 'boss'...You know, those questions of the 'What did you know and when did you know it?' variety.
Update: In which Mr. Shaw and his compatriot at the VSun prove that their initial front page story that spurred all of today's digital influencing and accompanying Ledge baiting was total codswallop.... Good thing the excellent reporters from the Sun are not 'idiot bloggers' without editors, eh?



Bill said...

The intern LibKids in short pants I doubt would get this.

Heard in a whisper in an underground car parade... "Follow the Money"

RossK said...

Point taken Bill--

What I really want to know now (see update in post) is whether or not Mr. Shaw of the Vancouver Sun still wants to protect his 'source' who led him to codswallop and 'convinced' him (and, presumably, his editor) to drink it?


North Van's Grumps said...

legb4wicket = Ben James

BC Liberal Government Caucus Research

Director of Communication

The main man who was looking after Brian Bonney et al on the Ethnic scandal file, and here he is writing on taxpayers time and dollars.

Anonymous said...

do donations matter?


Anonymous said...

false ?

sd said...

Well this "distraction bauble" didn't last long did it? Seems dejong was so convinced he was out of the gun sites he had some fun with this story in the leg today.I doubt he'll say sorry just as the sun won't say sorry.But there seems to be evidence he DOES use e-mails.We know he was the minister responsible for the health workers firings.A day will come when all this will unravel for these crooks.

e.a.f. said...

didn't Christie just hire a bunch of "little shits in short pants" who lost their jobs when there was a change in P.M. perhaps they brought their "skills and ethics" with them.