Thursday, March 03, 2016

This Day In Clarkland...In Which The PAB-Bots Keep On Digging With Clawback Shovels..


First, the digging....

Next, he who is wielding the shovel this time...


Now, we're sure that the good Mr. Grewal is just doing what he thinks is right and fine by the political party he most identifies with and the government that is currently being run by that same party that he just currently happens to be working for.

However, absolutely all snark aside, the following is the real question I have for all those who see this as nothing more than a 'game' to be won on the social media platforms and/or in the public prints (scroll down)....

Which line on that BC Liberal government drawn (and tweeted) histogram pictured above, each of which represents thousands of real people with real disabilities, needs our help the most?

Why 'PAB-Bot'?.....Because no matter how many times they change the name of the gov't communications folk, they will always be members of the 'Public Affairs Bureau' to me...In fact, back in the lazy, hazy crazy days of the soon-to-be-stopped RailGate trial they constituted the single biggest block of this little F-Troop listed blogs readers.
A little off-topic but maybe not really given all the BCL diggin' goin' down these days.....Why is the 'seventeenth' anniversary of a 'scoop' that wasn't suddenly so important to the fine folks at Global to trumpet (and look for the one sentence long true money shot that de-scoopifies everything in the avalanche of words, photos and video if you must)? 



North Van's Grumps said...

Simrath Grewal, the buddy of George Gretes and Andrew Wilkinson

Don.F said...

Sorry off topic Ross but you gotta see this. Pretty pathetic behaviour in my opinion.

RossK said...

I'm sure the good Mr. Grewal really does think that he's just doing his job and what he thinks is right according to the rules of the #bcpoli 'game' NVG.

My point is that this is NOT a game for those folks that have to decide between food and a bus pass.


Grant G said...

BC Liberal..err..I mean BC Government advertising dollars and a possible early election...

Scandals..Disability clawbacks, lies, money on leaser/gas land auctions and a $trillion dollar LNG lie that has completely unraveled and died on the vine..

"we no longer have journalism in B.C. we have Goebellism" can quote me.

Anonymous said...


e.a.f. said...

too bad we can't fire all of those good lieberals and let them figure out how it feels to do without.

$908 per month since 2007 and then the b.c. lieberals have the nerve to suggest they are doing something "good" with their non raise.

Lets hope there is a special place in hell for Christy and her friends, although I'd rather they find that place now than later. They're making life hell for the disabled now. Too bad we can't do the same to Christy and her crew of wasters.

Goebellism, yes that does sound about right.