Tuesday, March 08, 2016

This Day In Clarkland: If At First You Can't Delete...

...Destroy! Destroy! Destroy!

Bob Mackin, working today in The Province, has the story. Below is his lede and a wee bit more:

Documents spanning more than 25 years of B.C. Place Stadium’s history were shredded last December and the NDP critic wants to know why.

“What’s in the records?” asked Spencer Chandra Herbert. “Some might be useful just for historic reasons, others might be useful because they could point to legal problems, or over-budget problems.”

An inventory, obtained under Freedom of Information, shows B.C. Place paid 1800-Shredding Ltd. $1,692.60 to destroy 403 bankers boxes of files from 1983 to 2009...


...Public-owned stadium manager B.C. Pavilion Corporation (PavCo) disclosed a copy of 1800-Shredding Ltd’s “Certificate of Destruction,” but it did not provide records about who oversaw the paper purge or whether anyone considered transferring files to the provincial archives.

“When you have an archive service, you work with it,” Chandra Herbert said. “You don’t just take the public’s records — they paid for them, after all — and delete them or shred them.”...


Is it possible that PavCo execs hate Email too?

But, all snark aside, and more to the point, what kind of BC Place/Casino-Industrial-Complex correspondence might have been in those boxes that could have been in the public's interest to archive?

Oh, I dunno.

How about something that was able shed a little light on something like, say...




Anonymous said...

destroy deny delete deflect deter

Anonymous said...

If nobody from the Fourth Estate ever asks them these questions, then what does that tell us?

Lew said...

Somewhere in the $514 million budget for an unneeded renovation (a new roof would have sufficed), a few thousand for a small room to safely store about 500 cubic feet of storage boxes for posterity could have been found.

I have more storage space than that at home in a backyard shed and our garage allocated for stuff I consider disposable but my wife treasures. Proper consideration of her wishes (and my safety) dictates retention. Pavco should use the same consideration when dealing with the public’s property.

davemj said...

There is not a day that goes by that these arrogant insider,s are not trying to hide there corrupt scandal behavior. There donations even come from out side the Province Alta as when Queenie flew there on a chartered flight to meet w of with her oily friends the likes of her favorite adviser and confidant Gynne Morgan and and his oily pals,Fastbender a old pal of Colmans Langley boys,got a well paying job wink! wink! nod,nod,say no more say no more! the roof the roof E GADS" & all the other stuff?OH NOOOOOO# SHREEEEEEEEED well done fass bender you have left a great name with you charges to date.

sd said...

And today the front page "news" in the Sun was all about the "hypocritical" NDP selling their headquarters to "foreigners". Nothing about dejong and the health ministry firings or the shredding of the Pavco documents. I guess all he tax money for the communication robot monkeys is being spent to change the topic.Thank goodness we have you "idiot bloggers" to fight back!I mad as hell!

RossK said...


They always have the next 'new shiny' distraction bauble ready for display when required.


Lew said...

I'm guessing neither the BC Liberals nor their PR flacks (SUNny and otherwise) mentioned there was no shadow flipping or illegal unlicensed wholesaling involved in the NDP’s legal transaction. You know, the kind of activity like this the BC Liberal government has an obligation to stop but won’t? http://www.theprovince.com/touch/story.html?id=11771306

Probably no mention either that the building was not a public asset (i.e. a ferry) that was refitted at $28 million public dollars just before pretty much being given away to a foreigner? Or that the BC Liberal government is essentially paying foreigners to take our natural gas?

And I’m certain there is no mention that the Vancouver Sun is owned by Postmedia, which is dependent on a foreign hedge fund for its existence.

I guess the NDP's foreigners are more foreign than the BC Liberal's foreigners.