Friday, March 11, 2016

This Day In Clarkland...Who Has Not Been Charged In Triple Delete Debacle?


First, via the MoCo, as I'm sure you've already heard:

Charges have been laid against a former B.C. government staffer (to Transport minister Todd Stone) in connection with the so-called triple-delete email scandal.

George Gretes has been charged with two counts of willfully making false statements to deceive for allegedly telling a colleague in the transportation minister's office to delete emails linked to Freedom of Information requests about the so-called Highway of Tears....


Who was not charged?

Why, none other than a Deputy Chief-Of-Staff, not to Mr. Stone, but instead to...

You guessed it...

The Premier of British Columbia:

...Privacy Commissioner Elizabeth Denham interviewed Gretes under oath as part of her investigation into the scandal. Her report said he lied under oath when he denied that he intentionally deleted Highway of Tears emails and records.

That report, titled Access Denied, also found that Michele Cadario, deputy chief of staff in the premier's office, routinely contravened freedom of information laws by bulk deleting emails on a daily basis. Denham's investigation cited Cadario as having no email records, despite working in the premier's office for two years.

Cadario was never charged in the case...

Like we've said so many times around these here parts...

It seems to be a special skill of the Lotuslandian proMedia to cease digging when matters enter the Premier's office.


To think of this another way...

If this is going on in the Premier's office, why WOULDN'T lower level staffers resort to such behaviour, even if they are not directly 'ordered' to do so?

And, unless I've missed it....Are we not still waiting for yet another Special Prosecutor to make a decision about any further charges (or not) in the wake of Premier's office-assisted 'Quick Wins' fiasco?
Update: Of the 'point-making' variety....Here.



North Van's Grumps said...

Garbage Day Friday

RossK said...


Really scary to think that our province's (alleged) justice machinery might be bent by the deflector spin gears.




Anonymous said...

NVG.... exactly. It's a story the MSM can't ignore.... yet somehow a decision was reached on a Friday. Go figure.

Guy in Victoria

Lew said...

"She said that most decisions are made in cabinet, and those records are publicly available."

The reporter that allowed Christy Clark to utter that nonsense unchallenged should be fired. Try getting a copy of cabinet discussions sometime and you'll soon learn why.

As for Cadario not being charged, the reporter might have made mention of the fact that Christy Clark removed that offence from relevant legislation. Just in time. But we've already seen above that the reporter is not up to the challenge of actually knowing what the hell he's doing.

Gretes was only charged because he wasn't smart enough to tell the truth and say yeah, we all do it. So what?

Anonymous said...

3pm friday usual bad news release time?

if Boston had BC media would there ever had been a spotlight?

Anonymous said...

Another layer of Teflon allowed to be laminated onto the frame of Christy! Is there no limit to the amount of space that she manages to find under the bus?

Chuckstraight said...

Maybe he`ll get the Basi-Virk treatment- we pay his legal bills.

RossK said...


Excellent, and the most relevant points - should have been in the post.


(in fact, I sure would be happy to put any blog you started over on the blog crawl...heckfire, I might just get to quit this damnable poli-blogging for good!)




They are pretty good at shining their light on the wrong object

(see Wednesday's VSun for the latest example)



There seems to be a gigantic pit under that bus.

And there is absolutely no truth to the non-existent rumour that there is a rumpled (and now fully discarded and forgotten) Spiderman suit at the very bottom.

But, of course, there is...



RossK said...



Although, if there were explicit instructions given by someone to someone else rather than just a 'culture'...



Bill said...

Ross... I had to laugh out loud after reading between your brackets (sneakily encouraging to Lew) above in the comments. You quit the poli-blogging? I am sure there are many times it would be easier for you to back off on the posts and focus more on other activities and passions but SHEESH the community would be so much poorer. So would my hope for BC's future.

I appreciate very much all the amazing energy you put into your blog and that you have been doing so for so many years. For me, your prolific posts always start an illuminating fire under the news pot boiler(s) of the day. Then very insightful and knowledgable posters (like Lew) stir that pot with more information and analysis adding more nuance and insight.

Your instincts, smarts, humour, links/way-back links and especially your positive engagement and encouragement to an eclectic troop of other talented bloggers (all on your sidebar) and last but not least your commenters make your blog/forum so rewarding to follow. By all means encourage Lew as you have encouraged Merv and others.

The blog community you have helped foster and aggregate is so important in countering the MainlySteamingMedia and their Liberal sponsors. So, please carry on.

Lew said...

RossK, your exit and my entry would be akin to the title of one of Norm's latest on the IPP purchasing practices of BC Hydro. Guaranteed injury...

But thanks.

RossK said...


But when I lose my sense of humour (which has happened a few times in the past) you all shout at me.



Lenin's Ghost said...

Can't imagine you losing your sense of humour. Only way to cope be ruled by the wicked witch of the West!