Tuesday, March 08, 2016

The Keef Report: Who Needs Triple Delete...

...When You've Got Cookie Dough Mike?

What's it all about this time, Alfie?



And then, as you might expect, the following response to the Keef has come in from a second Minister of Clarklandia (please note the emoticon):


Do you think these fine folks even know that we're paying attention?

Because, you know, it's all just a game of 'inside baseball' that the real insiders like the Keef know all about and we, the great unwashed, should just shut the heck up about given that this is just the Minister who was in charge of the Health Ministry when all the deals were getting set to go down, deals that are now being investigated by the Ombudsperson (allegedly) because nobody knows what happened when the decisions about said deals were being made (and who made them) because there is no record of the what was actually going on when it was all being planned prior to its execution by the next (and now fully scapegoated) Minister down the line.

And, need I mention, that what went down as a result of those deals ruined peoples' lives for absolutely no good reason at all.

So Ms. Polak can take her emoticon and stick it where the sun doesn't shine.

Which is probably the same place where Mr. de Jong hides all his flaming post-it notes.

Or some some such place.


Previous Keef Reports, none of which has been written on a post-it note or, as reader MCG suggests, '4 ply', can be found....Here.



sd said...

Don't you just know somethings up when the keef has to man-splain it to us?How convenient for de jong eh?

RossK said...

Even more so when Ms. Polak waves the pom-poms.


Anonymous said...

The day is coming, when these people will face jail...big time. The assault on democracy in this province is "criminal", the resulting consequence will be swift and severe....

Lew said...

Mikey's legendary ability to be there and yet leave no trace of any kind, let alone e-mails, is no doubt a source of mirth for Contrary Mary and her flocking flock of sycophants as well. One can only hope the last laugh will belong to the public.

Mikey's non-use of e-mail is a non-issue for the Keef because he's only interested in press releases and whispers in his ear.

North Van's Grumps said...

de Jong gets everything 'on paper, rather than to an email' which means there HAS to be a paper trail

North Van's Grumps said...

BTW this doesn't work? no answers to any query


motorcycleguy said...

NVG says "de Jong gets everything 'on paper"


RossK said...

NVG and mcg--

But that's the thing, isn't it.

You can disappear paper.




And those whispers are especially good for the Keef when they happen in late night calls and on chartered planes.

Allegedly (i.e. in his own words).


Anonymous said...

Bob Mackin who works hard at investigating as opposed to waiting for the Liberal announcement had this to say:

Bob Mackin ‏@bobmackin Mar 7

.@Mike_de_Jong doesn't use email? Oh, really?!? He Tweets often. He also Tweets about his email. #bcpoli #cdnfoi

He also Tweets about his email. #bcpoli #cdnfoi

Thanks Bob Mackin,

Guy in Victoria

RossK said...

Thanks Guy!

Again, do these people think we are not actually paying attention to anything.

I note that word salad Wednesday has come early this week given Ms. Clark's statement that Mr. de Jong does not use Email because he is a farmer.

This is just unbelievable.


Lew said...

RossK, you have a memory and you sure use it! To our great benefit I must say.

RossK said...



Point is...This type of behaviour you described is most definitely NOT a one-off for the good Mr. Baldrey.


Grant G said...

So funny it's sad....Speaking of word salad Tuesday...

Can you spot the Christy Clark word salad..


The B.C. government has thrown more cold water on a report suggesting the proponent of a multibillion-dollar liquefied natural gas facility in northern B.C. is prepared to pull the plug unless granted federal approval by month’s end.

According to a story first published online Monday by the National Post, Petronas, the Malaysian energy giant behind the Pacific NorthWest LNG project, had issued an ultimatum of sorts to the Trudeau government, saying it will walk if made to address additional environmental requirements.

The report was dismissed as “false” by Michael Culbert, the president of Pacific NorthWest LNG in an emailed statement sent to The Province late Monday. And Rich Coleman, the minister responsible for LNG, also said Monday in a statement that it was “business as usual” for the proponent.

On Tuesday, Premier Christy Clark, who won the 2013 provincial election on a promise to create a thriving LNG industry, offered her thoughts on the report, suggesting it was “incorrect.”

“Petronas says they did not say that,” Clark said, who was speaking at an unrelated LNG announcement in Vancouver. “ … They are very satisfied with the way the federal government is going on this. So, I think … perhaps the report is incorrect.”



Hmm...Christy Clark is disavowing these crystal clear words spoken by Petronas..


Sarah Palin and Christy Clark..Separated at birth?

Grant G said...

Oh my...Another source that tells the truth about the cost of Petronas's Prince Rupert LNG terminal proposal..


$11 Billion US dollars....or if you like $33 billion ringets..


KUALA LUMPUR, Dec 10-2012 — Malaysian state oil firm Petronas expects to begin exports by 2018 from an US$11 billion (RM33 billion) liquefied natural gas (LNG) facility it plans to build in Canada with Progress Energy Resources Corp, to meet demand from long-term customers in Asia. -

See more at: http://www.themalaysianinsider.com/business/article/petronas-sees-lng-exports-from-us11b-canadian-facility-by-2018#sthash.vqrwsC6a.dpuf


Now we know where the $36 billion figure came from...So sad that the Financial Post..Van Sun..The Province and the rest lie their effing faces off!

Lenin's Ghost said...

Dream on! They will win the next election. They brew up the best koolaid.

Lenin's Ghost said...

Or a handy shredder

Anonymous said...


Unknown said...

Mike de Boer (farmer) probably has an autographed copy of Fahrenheit 451 on the shelf above his shredder. Good luck with the Chalke-ster and his cronies getting to the bottom of who ordered the "firings" of the health ministry researchers. That evidence has conveniently disappeared into some ash-hole long ago

Scotty on Denman said...

The sun doesn't shine much on Jumbo Peaks. Ms Polak is grateful because the odd time it does, she looks like an idiot---like Bill Bennet.

Thing about Jumbo Peaks, the municipality, is there's nobody to be accountable to, population being precisely zero, the appointed mayor and council, good BC Liberals all, not actually residents of the "town."

Anonymous said...

This Peruvian guy knows what's up and how to track...


by Carlos Peña on March 9, 2016

Paid political influence and corruption continue to be major issues in a surprising number of countries throughout the world. The recent “Operation Lava Jato” in Brazil, in which officials from the state company Petrobras were accused of taking bribes from construction companies in exchange for contracts financed with taxpayer money, is a reminder of this. It has been suggested that unregulated lobbying can lead to this kind of corruption and Transparency International, a non-governmental organization that monitors corruption, has strongly recommended that governments regulate lobbying.

I live in Peru and with corruption scandals regularly making headlines, I was curious to see how Peruvian officials fared and to examine the role that lobbyists play in my government.