Friday, March 18, 2016

This Day In Clarkland...How Do You Like Your Precious Public Schools Now?


This just in from Tracy Sherlock of the VSun:

The Vancouver School Board says it is now facing a $27.78-million shortfall, up $3.1 million from their estimate made last month.

The increase is due to a $2.15-million reduction in grants from the province and an increase of $958,000 that the district will have to pay for network technology that is mandated by the province, VSB chairman Mike Lombardi said in an email...


Private school funding crossed the $300 million dollar per annum funding level this year.

Imagine that.



Anonymous said...

"Earlier this week, the ministry of education announced the funding for public schools for next year. Lombardi said the funding raises per-student funding by $8 from $7,158 to $7,166 per student." - Vancouver Sun

Looks like the Ministry of Education gets their inflation numbers from the same place that the ministry for the developmentally disabled does.

Anonymous said...

balanced budget at expense of our children and a 213 million dollar bc tax break to top 2 percent earners

Hugh said...


"(BC) School District Emissions and Offset Investment

In 2014, after taking action to reduce GHG emissions in their operations, school districts produced a total of 174,955 tonnes CO2e from all emission sources identified by the Greenhouse Gas Reduction Targets Act.

School districts then invested $3,887,350 in 155,494 tonnes CO2e of carbon offsets."


This is done so the BC Liberal government can say it is "carbon neutral', while still pushing hard for CO2-spewing LNG export. Go figure.

I wonder, are private schools also being forced to purchase these carbon offsets, which were described by the former BC Auditor General as "not credible"?

North Van's Grumps said...

Play it again Sam, why is British Columbia pouring money into overseas schools, sending inspectors from the Education ministry without first ensuring local students have proper funding based on the amount of SCHOOL TAX that we continue to pay.

Anonymous said...

SH: re muni taxes waived on independent schools...what's next, will they be exempt from the carbon tax too?

The Tyee June 2, 2015

"BC Liberal Finance Minister Mike de Jong apparently worried that cash-strapped cities and towns might apply property taxes on private schools' non-classroom facilities -- since classroom space is already tax-exempt.

"These amendments will ensure that independent school properties, such as playgrounds, playing fields and athletic facilities, will not be subject to property tax in the future," de Jong told the Legislature last Thursday.

An unbelievable priority, given B.C.'s terrible child poverty rate, the appalling record of kids dying while in the care of the Ministry of Children and Family Development or the significant challenges public school students, teachers and staff face from government underfunding.

The absurdity of Premier Christy Clark's government acting quickly on something that hasn't happened while ignoring real disasters occurring all around them would be black humour -- were it not for what lies behind it."

RossK said...

A lot to reflect on there everyone.

Thanks very much.


sd said...

Ross, the only thing that will save public education in B.C. and the rest of Canada is the SCC case between the BCTF and crustys crew.If the government wins they will be able to dismantle public education according to their neo-con philosophy.If they lose students may once again have a chance at a fully funded education.33 years of teaching and this stuff breaks my heart!

RossK said...


I fear that you may be correct.


Anonymous said...

i wonder, does the fact that premier snooky's son attends a private school has anything to do with the funding for the private school system?

e.a.f. said...

Christy's son goes to St. George's. Why would she care about public schools? She doesn't care about the rest of the kids in this province. one in five live below the poverty line and have for 15 years.

School boards need to wise up and stop doing the dirty work of the B.C. Lieberals. School boards have all the responsibilities but none of the authority. Costs go up, they have to figure out how to pay it all from the same small amount.

In the mean time the film industry got $600 Million last year, so we know what Christy's priority is. Even her political friends don't have to pay their electricity bill at their mine.

So here is a solution for all those school boards. Just don't pay the electricity bill, just the interest on it, just like Christy's mining friends. Christy's and her cabal's rationale was, they needed to keep the mines open so there would be jobs. Christy doesn't seem to mind closing schools, laying off teachers, denying children decent educations so why should we care if the school board doesn't pay the B.C. hydro bill. School boards can just ask for equal treatment with the mining boys and friends of Christy.