Thursday, March 17, 2016

The Lost Estates Of The Real Lotusland...Here Is Something You Have Not Heard Before.



At the very least it is something that I have never heard before.

But what the heckfire do I know about real estate and finance and all that.

Anyway, here it is, from a non-pro blog-post from FABula on the developer driven renovation of the old Canada Post building in downtown Lotusland:

...It was also kind of relief to hear about a project where the owner is planning for almost three-quarters of the units to be rentals, without city incentives. Just because pension funds like rental buildings for the income stream...

Must be a short game vs. long game thing for the investors, I reckon.

Regardless, pretty interesting to know, eh?

Especially if you think how, for example, the public could kick-start projects like this with a one time capital investment that could then be used to pay out public rather than private investment schemes (use your about an Arts enhancement fund run by people in the know rather than flipmeisters and marketers with big collections?).

It would be kind of like the IPP Ponzification-Of-Everything deal, only in reverse, wherein we front the money and then get money back in return to run entire social industries.

Not to mention garner a whole lot of long term social capital (see the south False Creek co-ops, for example).

Would that be crazy or is it realistically conceivable (and/or has it already been done)?



Anonymous said...

o/t What's old is new again:

The B.C. Liberal Party's executive board has unanimously decided to reappoint a woman facing criminal charges in Ontario.

Laura Miller will resume her position as executive director in a show of confidence from the board, according to a statement released by party president Sharon White...

Also in the statement, Premier Christy Clark says she supports the decision reached by the executive.

RossK said...



And Bob Mackin has wondered if the good Ms. Miller actually ever really left her post.

Although, I guess it is entirely possible that someone just forgot to triple delete Ms. Miller's voice mail message on the BC Liberal system...

Or some such thing.


Anonymous said...

After today's seems we need an anti corruption squad and a corruption enquiry in this province, as soon as possible. Who does not think that organized criminal governance is alive and well in B.C. Everyday it seems we are reminded more and more how crooked the BC Liberals are...

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

The dimwits in Victoria will get visions of Anarchists if they get wind of such a communist scheme.

RossK said...



What the heck was I rhinking.


davemj said...

Just wondering are they still asking donations for her legal team ,or is the fix in? This mobster gang is up to there necks in quagmire.There seems to be more of the corrupt stories coming out this time! than prior to the last election.Stooped does ass stooped sais!!!

Anonymous said...

Considering how steadfast and unwavering Clark's support is of Laura Miller, one has to wonder what Ms. Miller has that makes her so vital and indispensable. Perhaps all that deleted information in the Premier's office contained many juicy and compromising items. And perhaps Ms. Miller's value lies in that knowledge.

e.a.f. said...

Ms. Miller was most likely re-appointed because the executive and the Premier don't think she did anything wrong. What Ms. Miller stands accused of in Ontario, might be a problem in Ontario, but in B.C. I'd suggest, its just business as usual.

Quebec is not the most corrupt province in the country. Its B.C. However the MSM is not going to do any investigative reporting or even ask follow up questions.

The RCMP isn't going to do anything. they signed a 20 yr Deal with the B.C. Lieberals. And when you consider Poulson "promoted" the head of the Surrey RCMP,(Fordy) you really can't expect the RCMP to do anything. Remember this is where that 300 person law suit started and some of the antics Fordy has been "accused" of in another blog, (gangsters out) well, lets just say, in other work places, that person would be gone.

Come election time you can count on the Post Media and other MSM TO Work as hard as ever to ensure the B.C. Lieberals are re elected

RossK said...


'Tis still going strong...$73K and counting.



It's a 'keep 'em close, keep 'em loyal' -type thing, I reckon.

Ask yourself the following...

Where would Spiderman be now if he had stonewalled instead of taking the immunity deal?