Monday, March 21, 2016

The Keef Report...Sometimes A Lake Is Just A Lake.


First, this, from the Keef back in January:

Next, this, from today, via CTV News Vancouver Island:

The BC Supreme Court has ruled that a controversial soil dump positioned above Shawnigan Lake’s drinking watershed is not a permitted land use for the site.

It’s a key victory for residents who have been fighting to stop the site from operating in their community...

And as for all that W5 digging and investigative journalism 'n stuff that happened in the interim that was driven by area residents?


That wasn't on the Keef's network, so who cares, eh?

Tip 'O the Toque to reader Lew on the Twittmachine.
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mark mounce said...

It'a high time that Keef adopt his real employer's communications policy and stop using electronic forms of communication including twitter. Perhaps, in a cultist's gesture of good faith, we can all chip in and buy him a shovel so he can assist Farmer Mike to spread the word, er, fertilizer even more efficiently

Anonymous said...

Good news!

Anonymous said...

The irrelevant source of intelligent and thoughtful political information. The "National Enquirer" of political news and views in BC, and their masters, the BC Liberal party, your choice the Sun or the Province?
The digger you deep into politics in this province, the wider the influence of malfeasance. From a conflicted, contractual Policing issue, to the MSM propaganda machine, to the donors list of the BC Liberal corporate masters, from the LNG debacle, site c and host of other past political scandals. The onion has many layers, the corruption and perception thereof runs very deep in this province.

Anonymous said...

It's encouraging to see comments like the one from "mark mounce" and others that describe the MSM in BC as nothing more than Liberal BS....
Keep reminding people that the likes of Keith Baldrey are just mouth pieces for a corrupt Liberal government.....and these guys should do BC a favour and retire....

Guy in Victoria

Anonymous said...


'splain this Christy:

Bob Mackin ‏@bobmackin 3m3 minutes ago
Bob Mackin Retweeted FOI Directory
BREAKING: Info/Privacy Commish Elizabeth Denham quitting, leaving B.C. for U.K. … #cdnfoi #bcpoli
Bob Mackin added,

FOI Directory @FOIdirectory
Elizabeth Denham is the UK’s new Information Commissioner. Here's her record on #FOI …
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Chuckstraight said...

Baldrey is irrelevant and nothing more than an activist for the BC Liberals.

North Van's Grumps said...

sometimes a lake is just a lake is just a sinister minister lake when it comes to our health

Lenin's Ghost said...

Or a least but put officially on Corporate Christy's payroll.

e.a.f. said...

Lenin's Ghost, now that is not a bad idea, but Keith on Christy's payroll. Get him a job at B.C. Lieberal headquarters. he can collect his pension and collect a salary from those he serves so loyally.

Absolutely loved the court decision. What a victory! Shows you what a determined group of people can do. Although the government ought not to have done what they did. This must have cost these citizens a fair amount of cash. How about Christy pays them the cash they spent on lawyers and court costs. The people who fronted this court case deserve a great big thank you from the rest of us in this province. The next time Christy goes down this road, some one might want to remind her and her cabal, there might be objects.

Have a check of the class action lawsuits in Fling, Michigan.

e.a.f. said...

North Vancouver Gramps has a good line there. Last evening's Vancouver ISLAND CTV news had an interesting item: no family doctors are accepting new patients in all of Greater Victoria. Waits at walk in clinics are 3 to 5 hours.
10 G.P.s either retired or went on sick leave in the past 6 months.

Given the B.C. Lieberals have been in office for the past 15 years, they might have figured out the majority of G.Ps. were aging baby boomers and going to retire. What did the B.C. Lieberals do? Provided a few billion to the film industry. billions of tax breaks to oil, gas and mining, and run ads advising young people to go into trades.

how about if 10 years ago the B.C. Lieberals had ramped up medical education for nurses, nurse practioners, doctors, etc. Think of all the jobs and think of all the productivity the province would have gained. Now we have thousands of people sitting in walk in clinics for hours.

yes, a Lake can be dangerous for your health. Just what exactly is "the lake" going to do about the lack of medical staff? according to the nurses union we are short 2 thousand nurses. We're probably short that number of doctors also. We know they hamlet of Scotch Creek has offered a "bounty" of $5K if you can find a doctor for the area.

if you move sometimes you still have to drive more than 250Ks to go back to your doctor in the previous town. Now think of all those who are too disabled to make that drive. What about the disabled and aging having to sit in a walk in clinic all those hours only to be told they won't refer them to a specialist, they can only ask one question, and no they don't re new prescriptions of that nature.

Welcome to the great lake of B.C. and it's drowning health care system.

Combine that with the rising cost of housing, why would any one but the very rich move to B.C. Oh, right they have premier, queen of the photo ops, who really looks after their interests, but the rest of us working for a living or unable to work, well we can just go xxxx ourselves.

Beth said...

The Libs will do what they do best, appeal the decision, and or change the by -law so that one of their "friends" will be able to carry on as usual.
They move goal posts! that's what they do best.
I am expecting Ms. Pollack to put up a real fight to this ruling she should resign I wish!! ! her disgraceful behavior to the citizens of this province was an eye opener when I saw her running from that reporter who did the story on W5, I heard his interview on cfax as well, he was shocked at how difficult it was to get any kind of information from the Govt. on the issue of Shawnigan Lake, and what gall for the Minister to complain later after the story came out that the reporter didn't have all the facts... she (MS.Pollack) must have missed it when they had him thrown out of the building in Vancouver where the entire Liberal Cabinet was there for a meeting.
This government couldn't give a damn about polluted drinking water for the Shawnigan Lake community or any other community! , kids die in care, you would think that would raise the eyebrows of the big media but all we get are shrugs from the minister , oh well maybe when LNG kicks in...
You can bet that they will have the safest drinking water provided for our public servants at the Leg in light of the lead content that is in the pipes there , as for communities like Shawnigan or elsewhere through out the province...not so much again maybe when we have LNG we might be able to get some kind of safety standard issued for our right to clean water it all costs money you know!, .. (tongue firmly planted in cheek on that last one!)
I just hope that the court ruling sticks! Thanks go out to all who rallied around in support of clean water.
Why do we have to fight our own govt. for safe drinking water?

e.a.f. said...

Pollack was most likely just gobsmacked when she saw the CBC reporter pushing for answers. Most of the MSM in B.C. simply issue press releases for the B.C. Lieberals. How refreshing to have a CBC staffer, from outside the province do their jobs. Too bad the B.C. press can't do the same job.

It would be fun if reporters from outside the province came in to have a look at all the B.C. Lieberal fun and games. It would be real shock for the queen of photo ops and her cabal to have to deal with real reporters.

Now if we can only interest the outside B.C. media to "investigate" Site C.

RossK said...

Great to hear from you Beth - thanks.

I agree that the habitual baiting-and-switching behaviours of Ms. Polack were exposed for all to see.



The last time I remember this happening was the matter of the 'Jobs!, Jobs!, Jobs!' codswallop prior to the last election when an outside-the-province journo not only called it out for what it really was but also named names when it came to Lotuslandian proMedia members who were acting as stenographic enablers.

You can read about that ...Here.


e.a.f. said...

Hi, its e.a.f. Earlier today I received my usual e-mail announcing Laila Yiule had posted a new article. As usual I deleted it and went to her blog awhile ago. its coming up as a Wordpress protected blog. Is there something going on?

I know you have her in your blog roll so I tried accessing it through there also to no avail.

anyhow thank you for any information. e.a.f.

Anonymous said...

e.a.f. she was maliciously hacked and destroyed, her twitter a count too......see Norm Farrell's site

RossK said...

Thanks e.a.f.--

This is not good.