Tuesday, March 01, 2016

Trump Wraps Media Conglomerates Around His Littlest Fingers.


I've been kinda/sorta implying it, mostly in the comment threads, for awhile now.

Which is that Mr. Trump has already begun to pivot in his effort to become a rabid dog/demagogue to all dim-bulbed USian men (and it will be mostly men) everywhere, regardless their party affiliation and or ideological bent.

And now Mr. Trump, himself, has confirmed it:

Valdosta, Georgia (CNN):  Donald Trump on Monday did not refute a report claiming he told The New York Times editorial board in an off-the-record meeting that his immigration views are in fact more flexible than he has made them seem throughout his presidential campaign.

"Everything is negotiable," Trump said Monday on Fox News, responding to a question about whether the report, which undermines Trump's hardline stance on immigration, was accurate.

BuzzFeed News reported Monday that Trump's remarks to the Times "called into question whether he would stand by his own immigration views."

The story offers no evidence about what Trump actually said, but Trump told Fox News, "We had a board meeting. It was off the record. All of a sudden they leak it, it's all over the place." ...

Of course, Mr. Trump is counting on the fact that the CorpMedia and the Donor Class will let him get away with this.

Do you think that there is any chance in hell that they won't?

Especially once the deal is done and they decide that they 'can work with him'.


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Anonymous said...

Ross, there are lot of similarities between Christy Clark and Donald Trump. They are both demagogues and BS artists. Where they differ is Trump pulls his own strings, Clark's strings are pulled by the likes of Gwyn Morgan, Jim Shepherd and Nigel Murray. Of course, Clark is not the only BC Liberal that is beholden to thieves of public funds.