Tuesday, March 01, 2016

This Day In Clarkland...Dean Foresees Royal Rumble In QP Today.


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Doing his best to impersonate Tom Larsheid, Mr. Palmer of the VSun explains (well, actually kinda/sorta implies) why he thinks he thinks the Iron Snowbird will come off the bench swinging in the Ledge today given the fact that the Opposition had a go at her over her (and her entourage's) private flight schedule yesterday and only had Cookie Dough Mike around to throw a few PAB-Bot-assisted wet noodles in response:

...Finance Minister Mike de Jong took a stab at providing some perspective on the premier’s high-flying ways.

“The premier doesn’t travel alone and she does have a security detail,” he told reporters. “She does take an assistant with her, generally a press secretary to deal with the media so there is a group of people that by necessity travels with the premier. Depending on where she is going there can or cannot be a flight and sometimes the schedule changes very quickly.”...


...de Jong maintained that Clark’s travel fell within guidelines authorizing the use of charter aircraft in cases where there is no scheduled air service available to meet the timing and duration of the trip and/or the charter is economical compared to scheduled air service given the number of people travelling at public expense.

He also maintained that a full analysis would show that the current premier’s spending on getting around B.C. was “in line with what has taken place over the last 20 years.”

About which more Tuesday, presumably, as Clark is scheduled to make an appearance at the legislature...

Ooooohhhhh, scary!

Twenty years, you say?

Who's Dipper travel sched from the nineties will be used to fuel I. Snow's haymakers and justify her half-mill champagne and caviar bill we can only wonder?

(my money's actually on Moe)



In other sporting news, the Dean makes it clear that the bus pass claw back for persons with disabilities would have been a winner if the Clarklandians had just timed the announcement differently:

...The Liberals announced a $77-a-month increase in the disability allowance. But they netted the increase down to $25 for recipients getting a government-funded bus pass, and to $11 for others getting a different transportation allowance.

Not surprisingly, the disabled and their advocates saw this as government giving with one hand and taking with the other. But any suggestion of a clawback generates outrage on the government side.

“Much as they continue to say it over and over again, it doesn’t make it right,” Stilwell fired back Monday. “The subsidized bus pass program is still available to those individuals with disabilities. They can have it, and they will receive a $25 rate increase.”

Still, I bet if the Liberals had it to do over again, they would have announced the changes regarding the transportation allowance back in January, putting the budget day focus on the across-the-board increase for everyone...


It almost makes you wonder if ANY of these fine folks have ever actually met any struggling British Columbians who will never take a private jet anywhere and who actually really need our help the most just to get from point 'A' to point 'B'.

And, for the record....No one should ever confuse Cookie Dough Mike with Rapture Mike...OK?
And how, exactly, did the PAB-Bots help CD Mike come up with his wet noodles?...Well...This.
Update Lunchtime Tuesday.....What do I win!!!??? 



Anonymous said...

Moe stated on CBC radio yesterday morning that it isn't an issue and that Premiers need to use this type of travel. Screw him.

RossK said...


Pre-emptive fetal position?


Anonymous said...

Ah..the "iron snowbird" and her sidekick, "ground bound eagle"( Coleman), we need an illustrator here! As for de Jong, I'm not quite sure which "avian" category he would fit into. Seems Alison Redford, Alberta's former "disgraced premier's", demise was brought about by her "high flying" ways, and it appears "madam iron snowbird" is headed down the same road or er..um "airway".
Seems Marie Antoinette's" statement about "let them eat cake" while she dined sumptuously on refined food, is along the same lines here...parallel is strikingly similar. Bus passes to private jets...
I await today's QP with delight..."iron snowbird", let's see her squirm outta this one.
Christy and company you deserve everything you have coming.....

Bill said...

Air Christy and her Charter of Rights... leaving on a jet plane. Always getting out of Dodge. Whisky Tango Foxtrot!

The Pawn has truly gone all in for his Liberal benefactors. Brazen cheerleading should stay on the sports and entertainment pages. Not with these clowns.

Heaven forbid that the Liberal messaging - exclusive spin direct news pipe jams up and the Dean has to do his own research. The resulting blank columns would be an improvement and at least more honest.

Palmer writes for the 1% and against the 99%. No wonder the Ledge Legend will not be missed when he officially retires. His words and actions will reflect his questionable legacy. He will have earned it.

Keith said...

Rode the bus with a disabled person this week and learned that while he will have to use 52 of the 77 dollar increase on the bus pass, his rent is tied to his income, so a sizable portion of the 77 is coming out of his pocket in another direction.

e.a.f. said...

what is it with this Rapture mike guy? all of a sudden we're seeing him in the news. he does look like he's either high on something, seen the same plastic surgeon as Christy and Diane Watts, or went to the same smile school as them.

Anonymous said...

CC4BC is NOT alone...

Here Are Some Enraging Facts About Corporate Executives Using Private Jets