Friday, March 11, 2016

I Actually Went Looking For The Vancouver Sun (Dead Tree Edition) Yesterday...


And guess what I didn't find on the front page?

I did, however, note with great interest that they ran a huge top-of-the-page banner about 'Justinmania!'.

And only one of the two Justin's that, I guess, bumped a pretty important retraction from the front page had the last name of 'Trudeau'.


All of which means I was only half-right in my original prediction....I thought it would be Mr. T. and Ms. Gregoire...Didn't realize that the VSun would, essentially, replace the latter with Mr. Beiber....Guess that just goes to show that when you are wrong you might as well be very, very wrong. 



Grant G said...

Well Mr. K...We don't really expect to find any meaningful news in The Vancouver Stun do we..

Another LNG Proposal with no buyers and no FID..

There is a new ceiling for longterm LNG buyers..

$5 to 46 DOLLARS PER mm btu'S..

And...Why did the National Post also runnnnnnn with the NDP hatchet story?...Ne retraction there either..

Postmedia and the corporation, one in the same..

sd said...

All I can say is"JUDI,JUDI,JUDI"!

Grant G said...

Opps, typo error above...New ceiling is $5 to $6 dollars per MM BTU's

Anonymous said...

RossK said...

Thanks Grant--


I read yesterday's Hansard exchanges...Quite literally unbelievable.

Especially the 'its-all-in-a-game' playing antics of our fine Premier.


Thanks Anon-Above--

It would seem that all things related to the immaculately non-conceived Sparkle Ponies are now 'tenuous at best'.


J MacDuff said...

I hope everyone saw "the Keever's"take on the Judi, Judi, Judi story on Global. All about the fine Premier and her response to the Sheep Dip grant and how funny it was. I guess he did not know about the upcoming biography that Judi is writing about Crusty. Horrible journalism at its best!
Just when you think the quailty of reporting couldn't get worse, Baldry proves us all wrong, again.

RossK said...



For those who make their living milking the evils of the insider access udders it's all just a game.


Norm Farrell said...

@ ANON 9:55

Fortis "may have interest in striking [an LNG] deal with Crowley at some point, but said no negotiations have taken place."

I'm fairly certain that Porsche Centre Vancouver may have interest in striking a deal with me at some point for a 911 Carrera S. Sadly, there are about 160,000 reasons why no negotiations have taken place.

We will be seeing more announcements of other pending LNG deals in the coming year. Liberals have decided there is one more election to be won with promises of untold riches from an industry that contributes nothing to the treasury today.

I'm also waiting for resurrection of the quadrillion dollar bitumen refinery that will employ tens of thousands (including every First Nations person) as long as we accept a dilbit pipeline from Alberta to BC tidewater.

The advertising industry will have a good year leading up to May 2017. Many millions of dollars are already arranged for an unprecedented campaign to save the BC Liberals. In addition, taxpayers will be stuck with the bill for partisan government advertising.

Anonymous said...

Norm, I hope you don't mind but I forward all your postings to my MLA Mark"he who says and does nothing" Dalton. I just say "We Know"!Funny ,he never responds.

Lenin's Ghost said...

Corporate Christy will guarantee a minimum price for for LNG. The project announcements will come in before the election. Similar to the hydro fiasco.