Thursday, March 10, 2016

This Day In Clarkland...And To Hell With The Poor People:


From a recent Andrew MacLeod piece in The Tyee:

...At a news conference about the progress on Site C, The Tyee asked BC Hydro president and CEO (Jessica) McDonald about the bill affordability proposal (to help low income earners).

"B.C., as you may be aware, has relatively very low rates for electricity," McDonald said. "This is something our customers don't necessarily know."

For residential customers, the rates are the third lowest in North America, even after increases in recent years, she said.

BC Hydro offers help with energy efficiency so people can reduce their electricity use and receive lower bills, she said.

The minister responsible for BC Hydro, Bill Bennett, said he hadn't seen the proposal, but also doesn't see a pressing need to make hydro rates more affordable...


Now I understand how they justify those outrageously high IPP contracts to their influential friends and buyout uncles everytime they look at themselves in the mirror each morning.




Bill said...

Those in the entitled club have no problem justifying the repeated clubbing of those citizens that will never be in their club.

The NDP's move to assist those in greatest need of rate assistance to make their Hydro more affordable was a good move, although probably doomed to fail. The Liberals are only interested in their family.

What this gambit clearly does show is the heart of Mr Horgan and the NDP in contrast to the cold self interest of Christy and the Pirates.

Anonymous said...

if its repeated enough times...

Hugh said...

The current BC Hydro CEO Jessica McDonald was Deputy to Premier Gordon Campbell when the Clean Energy Act was formulated. The CE Act gives a massive benefit to the BC IPP industry, at BC Hydro's expense.

A month ago she was at an event hosted by Innergex, which has many IPPs in BC:

North Van's Grumps said...

If BC Hydro wasn't so busy with placing the burden of overpaying billions to the IPPs in long term contracts the ratepayers in British Columbia WOULD be the lowest in North America.

If Bennett wants facts, daily:

Interactive Map: The cost of Electricity, City by City - William Wolfe Wiley

Lew said...

It would be interesting to hear Ms. McDonald's riff on likely Hydro rates for our grandkids trying to pay off the debt can she is kicking down the road. That's something else her customers "don't necessarily know."

Because it's in her best interests not to tell them.