Thursday, March 31, 2016

This Evening In Clarkland...But Do They Still Have Band And Strings At St. Georges?


From Shelby Thom's CKNW live tweets of this evening's Vancouver School Board meeting:


I wonder how many band and strings classes you can fund with three hundred million dollars?

Proving, once again, that...The more things change under the BC Liberals the worse they get for average British Columbians.



Lew said...

Hope those proposals are still legible after they finish pouring over them...

RossK said...


Frankly, I hope they are not.


sd said...

If only those jerks in Victoria had to work as a teacher for one week.But I'm sure they couldn't handle it.It's been so hard to teach these past 15 years that I'm worried young people will avoid education as a career.No tax money for private schools!

e.a.f. said...

the problem is this B.C. Lieberal government has a premier who has her son in the most elite private school in B.C., St. George's and if "rumours" are true she went to some length to get him in. It was suggested on another blog at the time, the child had not been accepted and then St. George's "changed" their mind.

When other members of the Cabinet were asked where their family members went to school, there was a resounding lack of response.

Approx. 50% of private school funding comes from tax payers. Some may argue that is O.K. What is not O.K. is private schools can decide who attends. so there are no children who don't speak English. there are not children with real behavorial problems. There are few children with learning disabilities. children's whose grades "slip" are not "invited" back the following year. Most of the children attending private school have 2 parents involved in their lives at some level or other, have enough money to pay for the tution.

If private schools had to take the same classifications of children as public schools, it might even things up a bit. When public school can have 5 kids with problems in a single class, you won't find that in private schools. That is a major problem. Public schools have to take everyone; private schools can be selective.

The Vancouver school board is sitting on a lot of valuable land and I'd suggest the B.C. Lieberal developers would like that land sold to them, pure and simple.

Hugh said...

"For the 2014 calendar year, our (VSB School Board) offset-requiring emissions were 15,608 tonnes of CO2. As required, we
purchase certified carbon credits to offset these emissions through the Ministry of Environment.
Carbon offsets are currently priced at $25 per tonne of CO2, so this is a cost of $390,500 (+ GST)."

There's almost $400,000 they can save right there.

No point in spending that to buy the carbon offset rip-off.

Anonymous said...

School closures in Penticton too.

The silence from local BC Liberal MLA Dan Ashton - and all other BC Liberals - is a sad statement of how far they've descended, and how out of touch they are.

cfvua said...

Waaaay up north in Site C territory a brandy new $25 Milllion elementary school is being questionably built, or has been announced. With natural gas activity at its slowest level in recent memory and all of the Site C TFWs( non locals) domiciled safely inside the camp stockade, no one is sure where the young uns that are said to be filling this school are coming from in a year or two when it gets finished. But then when things slow down, babies happen. Are there any stats out there that reveal anything about how camps affect population growth, inside the camp or outside?

RossK said...


Meanwhile, pretty much every other jurisdiction in the province is going through the same gut wrenching cutback process as the Vancouver School Board...Except, of course, a wee isolated hamlet where the Premier's brother is involved in an IPP project that is supported by a member of the local council who just happened to be in the midst of an election campaign in which he was being challenged by someone who was not supporting the afore-mentioned IPP project when our dollars were doled out.

...All of which has absolutely nothing to do with anything at all.



cfvua said...

Yes and in federal jurisdiction too! What gets me the most is how much is going to cronies with private schools. If they were real free enterprisers they would shun any form of subsidy. But none of the cronies would ever say no to a taxpayer funded gift pack.