Wednesday, March 16, 2016

This Day In Clarkland....The Dean Tiptoes Up To The Line.


There are a whole lot of questions in Mr. Palmer's latest column on the Health Worker firings, only one of which actually matters in my opinion.

But never mind all of that because the following is actually something almost kinda/sorta interesting tacked to the bottom of all the tip-toeing and froing:

...The government justified the multiple exclusions (in their redacted copy of the Comptroller General's report) on grounds of “personal privacy.”

But on comparing the original text, (the VSun's Rob) Shaw discovered that many of the censored passages contained no names or other matters of a personal nature. Rather they addressed general failings of the Health Ministry in handling contracts and provided extensive advice for rectifying the situation.

All of which raises the possibility that the censors were less concerned with protecting privacy than with protecting the government.

Hence The Sun’s decision to ignore government objections and publish (on the un-redacted version of the report) in the public interest. Shaw’s stories on the comptroller general’s report appeared in the paper Saturday and Monday...


One might almost wonder if the fine folks down at Vancouver Sun headquarters are getting ready to set up a war room or something.

Then again, I suppose doing something like that might be construed as cultish.

And we wouldn't want that now would we.



JasonS said...

Its funny but if the newspapers wanted their readership to sky rocket they could use the Neo-Liberal party of BC's giant arsenal of scandals to bring down this travesty of a government and people would flock to read their rags again at least for a while. That would mean exercising some sort of integrity and ethics so ..... maybe the public trough is more palatable to them.

e.a.f. said...

with all the jetting around queen photo op is doing and perhaps not having an RCMP officer with her, when they say they are, who knows what might get out into the news via the bloggers. Then if the t.v. news reported it, the print media would look even lamer than they currently do. It might be with the financial failings of Post Media that the Vancouver Sun might have to survive as a stand along. that might require people to buy the paper and a lot of us who used to, might do again, if there was something worth reading.

So there could be two issues here. One saving one's ass and job and the other, seeing the writing on the wall.

G West, Victoria said...

"Raises the possibility...." Now there's an understatement.

Have you been following the ongoing story of the clawback of workers' compensation benefits to a deceased person's child? That, and the pusillanimous walk back of the policy in the Legislature yesterday (which did not pay out the retroactive benefits the child's mother has NOT received due to the clawback) while pretending that the simple fact that such things were brought up in the House was somehow wrong illustrates once again the reciprocal of what Minister Stilwell had to say about the government's 'comprehensive' program of social benefits.
See Lindsey Kines and Les Leyne in the T/C

Anonymous said...

Dollars for advertising instead of age out teenagers at 19 th birthday

Anonymous said...

We are doing something very radical...We are telling the truth.?

Anonymous said...

Get some answers from Ottawa why the R.C.M.P closed this case and after all this why are they not re opening it? Contact our local M.P s This Govt seems to have no problem with the police as with the B.C.Rail???????? no answers.

Anonymous said...

Is it possible that some old guard journos at the Sun are feeling pressure from the Province newsroom across the hall (I'm looking at @scoopercooper's recent Real Estate pieces) - I mean, how long will PostMedia continue to justify two papers in one province...

Anonymous said...

One would hope, that someone has seen the writing on the wall. The real, non biased truth, is there, if you care to look and do your homework. Palmer and perhaps his side kick Baldrey, would both do well, if they began to confront the real issue of governance in this province. An exploration into the corruption and malfeasance within a serving so called,"democratic" government would fill volumes. Many "researchers" on line have compiled large volumes of statistical info and "real evidence", of the "white collar wonders" operating in Victoria. A "repentant media" waking up to the obvious realities, may be just the push that's needed for the establishment of an anti corruption squad and or corruption enquiry. This money would be well spent, we have a disgustingly corrupt bunch of clowns, running the government, in this province.
If Quebec, can do this, and achieve the high success rate of prosecutions, it has, I'm quite sure that this province, could more then double the 400 cases, that Quebec has and continues to investigate.
When's the next sale on orange jumpsuits? Could be a real fashion trend this year, if your a BC liberal.

Len said...

I hope I live long enough to see some of the assholes in orange jumpsuits,nice to see Quebec has just arrested some lieberals

e.a.f. said...

Quebec started the corruption commission because it was the building industry where they thought most of the corruption was. It was getting too expensive to build. Along the way, of course more than a few politicians were caught up in it. Then they established a special unit. However in B.C. if a special squad gets too close, the B.C. Lieberals close it down. i.e. the gang squad; the investigation into casino "problems, i.e. money laundering, etc".

No, the B.C. Lieberals have too much too loose to run any sort of investigations or permit the RCMP to do so. remember the RCMP got that nice 20 year contract with the B.C. Lieberals. Do you really think anyone is going to rock the boat.

now would Palmer, etc. or the local MSM do any real investigative reporting? doubt it. they are too joined at the hip with politicians. They're too friendly. It is doubtful they would even do it to save their jobs and place of employment. Their interests are too linked. They don't like the alternative, N.D.P. or a whole slew of independents.

Just watching Terry Lake on the evening news saying he'd fire all 27 anethesits. at Surrey Hospital. How he could get a lot more anethsits to come to B.C. to work because our health care system is so great and we're such a great province with all this economic growth. Hell, doctors aren't going to transfer here. They can't afford to live here. The schools system stinks on ice so they won't come here and if they can't get their kids into a religious private school they're out at least $20K per kid at the other private schools. If Terry Lake wants to believe Doctors will flock here from other parts of Canada he is delusional

Some execs. being transferred to Vancouver are now living in Nanaimo and commuting because housing is less expensive and the public schools are better.

If B.C. were such a great place, why can't we get any general practioners to come to B.C.? The province is a cesspool,

Anonymous said...

more outsourcing (audio)