Thursday, March 24, 2016

Laila Yuile Has Been Hacked.

Hi Folks,

Longtime Lotuslandian blogger, journalist and civic/people's activist in Surrey (and way, way beyond) has been hacked.

Norm Farrell has some details here.

Laila talks to CKNW here.

Her new Twitter account is here.

A webcache of her recent work, much of it about Site C, is here.

Thanks to reader e.a.f. for the heads-up.
Heckfire!....Even the Keef is aghast.



sd said...

Well a couple of things,first didn't we just get a whole bunch of right wing hacks imported into the B.C. lieb's and government? Hmmm! Second ,me thinks kieff is crying crocodile tears.I met Laila, Grant, and others on 152nd and Highway 10 to protest the HST back in the day and she is a very sharp, committed person. I suspect crusties crew are getting nervous.It will be interesting to see if the RCMP follow up on this.

sd said...

One other observation,triple delete the critics?

RossK said...


It's tough to know about this kind of stuff right out of the gate.

But one thing to keep in mind is that, when you blog etc., you can attract trolls that are truly unreasonable.

It has even happened to me a few times.

One person was so awful that he even started slagging the stuff I do with my kids, first here and then at other associated places.

It was terrible. There was no reasoning with the guy and it actually led me to close down open commenting for a while.

It is also one of the main reasons that I don't often talk about the kids/detailed family stuff 'round here anymore.

And I know, after talking to Alison from 'Creekside', that this stuff is much, much worse for women who have an online presence.

So, just saying that, until Laila has some hard info, this could easily be the work of a whackadoodle.


RossK said...

Looks like Anonymous 'n friends may be on the case.

In what looks to be a good way.


e.a.f. said...

Freedom of speech is essential in an open and democratic society. Its something we all like to believe in. However, some believe that the ends justify the means and so the hacking of a blogger, in some quarters, maybe considered O.K. Well its not O.K.

The article which was printed just prior to the hack was funny, entertaining and inspiring. It had to go, in the opinion of the hacker. What it did do was give the article greater circulation. The issue now is not just the content of the article, but the fact some one tried to shut the article down. I am not surprised such a major hack was done to a female blogger.

Laila Yuile's article shows what percerverance can do in the face of great obsticals. You can destroy an eagles nest and they will come back and re-build. You can dump "poison" above a community's drinking water and they will sue and can win. these 2 e.g.s clearly demonstrate people and eagles have had enough of the action of the B.C. Lieberals.

The closer we get to the provincial election, in my personal opinion,
- the more likely we are to see this type of thing.
- we might want to remember all the "dirty tricks" the harpercons engaged in.
- remember Christy Clark and her B.C. Lieberals hired a bunch of "little shits in short pants" from Harper's office when we was voted out of office.
- a lepord does not change its spots, as Mother used to say.

Thank you for providing Norm's information, so we can all read Laila's article

Lew said...

I’m not sure a link can be made to the post directly preceding the hack. It may be coincidence, with the act coming as a result of the cumulative effect of Laila’s work and planned over time. Hopefully we’ll find out by way of the perp(s) facing charges.

As for Keef, he could turn his concern from pretense to plausibility by airing an interview with Laila focusing on her work on Site C.

North Van's Grumps said...

Can you imagine the fallout if Photo Op Queen BC Liberal Party/Premier Christy Clark images on the Party website AND the government flickr would be deleted, nothing left to show off Christy's personal videographer's movies taken from the around the world trade junkets.

Hugh said...

Site C?

A $9+ billion dam project by BC Hydro when even the BC Energy minister says demand for power in BC is the same as it was 8 years ago.

When BC LNG export, a potential big source of power demand, does not look likely.

When BC Hydro already has a massive debt and $56+ billion in obligations to purchase expensive power from IPPs.

When BC Hydro is now hiding $billions of debt in Enron-type deferral accounts.

When BC Hydro is made to borrow $millions to give to the BC govt as dividends, so the BC govt can pretend that its dismal fiscal situation is not quite as bad.

When Site C dam would flood 83 km of river valley, including thousands of acres of agricultural land.

When Site C would infringe on local native treaty rights.

sd said...

Ross you're right,we don't know for sure who,why or how, but we do know what and when.As for kieff I think Lew has a great idea to see just how sincere he is in this "one " instance.

Grant G said...

Indeed Ross K...I had Brad Z(ubyk) create a slanderous blog entirely dedicated to slagging me with nasty bullshit...He did everything, posted my phone number and Garden Bay address on the site...We know what happened shortly thereafter...My abode went up in smoke..never could prove arson...

I regularly change passwords into the very weird, and the very long..

I sent Laila a twitter message...And remember..Christy Clark recently hired a bunch of Stephen Harper-ex pat slimers...And didn't a BC Liberal party intern recently create a fake John Horgan twitter...?


RossK said...

Thanks Grant--

Point taken.

All I'm saying is that non-pol whackadoodles can also get up to no good.


Scotty on Denman said...

First time I saw a purple potato, I bought it, divided it, a planted it. It yielded one of the most amazing crops I've ever seen, beautiful, perfectly formed spuds. I took the required number, three, to enter in the Fall Fair in Courtenay. Later in the day my gal and I returned to the farm-display building to see if I'd won---I expected to have the Blue-ribbon sewed up since, as we perused the long table, no other entries looked near as beautiful as mine. I was shocked to see my spuds (had to push through the surrounding crowd) had no ribbon at all; reason? only TWO spuds at judging time, instead of the required three! I immediately complained to the judge , who was sympathetic but powerless to remedy the situation. She did have this sage advice: "These are the most beautiful potatoes I've ever seen, too---but rules are rules; somebody must have pocketed one of the three. Take it as a compliment---perhaps an even better one than first prize."

I hope Laila looks at her own troubles the same way: whoever is trying to take her site down is doing so because her work is so effectively exposing the perfidy of the likely perpetrators.