Friday, March 18, 2016

This Friday Afternoon In Do Nothing Clarkland: Keef, Counter-Keef.


Our fine premier released a press thingy earlier today and then threw together a little time-challenged word salad.

From that, it would appear, the Keef got to this:

On a more reality-based journalistic plane, the Province's Sam Cooper (who has banged Mr. Baldrey and Global's entire stable of reporters senseless, repeatedly, on the Bubblification of Lotuslandian Real Estate) had this to say:

Can the difference in approach (and feet-to-fire holding) be more starkly illustrated?

This has been a special edition of the Keef Report. Previous editions can be found....Here.



Anonymous said...

hey and it wasnt from nat post or g and mail.both outside BC

Anonymous said...

Hugh said...

How about a tax on money-laundering?

Lew said...

"Nothing is off the table".

Find out and tell us what's under the table Keef. That's your long-forgotten job.

Anonymous said...

Chuckstraight said...

It is laughable to see Christy Clark going after profiteers. They are her main source of party donors.

Eleanor Gregory said...

When I heard that PCC was going to make her announcement about housing in Stanley Park I thought perhaps she was going to announce that homeless folks could pitch their tents in Stanley Park and that the miniature railroad would be re-purposed as rapid (not so) transit.

Anonymous said...

Former BC premier prefers tunnel.?

J MacDuff said...

A short read about the press(in the US) operate but it sure rings true in bc, too.

e.a.f. said...

When I saw Christy in her new long coat with her "greed" announcement I almost peed myself laughing. My god, that woman is funny. "Juviderm cheeks", big small, oh my, oh my, how all those dreadful real estate agents must be quaking in their boots. Hell, they'll do it on the q.t. Its easy.

We heard boss, Coleman, once again saying there wouldn't be any changes because all those poor people who already paid so much for their home, needed the values to stay high so they could have some money in retirement. (that caused me to spit out my drink)

The B.C. Lieberals aren't going to do anything. The MSM isn't going to do much reporting (o.k. The Province is doing some) The B.C. Lieberals know where their money comes from. they will pay some lip service and make changes which will have no impact on the rising prices and then head into the election, which they will most likely win.

There is nothing to prevent the province or the cities from passing by-laws to deal with the problem or impose taxes on non resident/citizens. If the provincial government imposed a 20% tax on non residents, we might see a change. That money could then be used to fund affordable housing for the working, middle class. seniors, disabled, etc.. B.C. could simply impose the Australian solution. its simple and works. Even Hong Kong has laws in place to deal with mainlanders buying up all the real estate. India, you can't buy if you're not a citizen.

No Christy Clark and the B.C. Lieberals are not going to do anything.

Mayor Moonbeam and his "big" announcement regarding a 100 or so affordable apartments are not going to help the problem. Here is what will. You pass a by law which stipulates, you don't work and or live in Vancouver you can't buy in Vancouver. Think that is crazy? Well when I was in Rotterdam in 1969 there was a housing shortage. The law stipulated you could no longer move into downtown Rotterdam if you didn't work there. (That is why people can ride their bikes to work).

Vision decided laneway houses were a solution, but not so much. They cost a fortune to build and the rents are too high for working people with families. Building more apartments isn't going to solve the problem. Building more apartments and restricting the ownership to residents and citizens is, with the stipulation they must be lived in. Not going to happen. I can just see the court challenges.

The City of Vancouver might want to look at Tiny Houses, which are becoming a trend in other places. Under 250 sq. ft. costing approx. $39K and mobile. They would provide adequate housing for seniors, disabled, min. wage workers, singles. Instead of lane way houses, permit 2 of these in the back of the property. They could even be placed on school properties which the school board may have to leave empty because of a lack of funding. Rent the grounds out in small lots for tiny houses, rent: $350 per month.

At the rate things are going in the lower mainland we will see more homelessness and it won't be the usual group. they will be working class people who can no longer afford to live in major cities. This includes Victoria.

if something is not done within the next couple of years, we will be priced out of our own cities with in 5 years.

So the keefe can be as delusional as he wants. Christy can puff up her cheeks, put on her long coat and make pronoucements all she likes, but we know nothing is going to change because it will impact her financial supporters. the mayor of Vancouver and Vision are just out of touch and too elite to know what is going on. At $80K per year, they do not identify with min. wage workers, who working full time still are $2K per yr under the poverty line.

Remember 1 in 5 kids lives below the poverty line and that is because their parents are poor.
Sorry about the rant.

Anonymous said...

Why is it that comments to the Bloogdom frequently lack logic? Baldrey's comment is an example of this. He does not explain what is happening in his publication.

Anonymous said...

Hmm, election just over a year away. Here come all the promises yet again. "now a possibility"? Sure Christy, you're really going to do something and mean it? LOL Promises, promises.

Anonymous said...

Maybe a snap election coming...the ducks are being lined up, and the lies getting harder to deny. Reality is the BC Libs are starting to see some anger in the ranks of the people they are supposed to serve. One can't deny that all the promises..err lies are amounting to hot air. The public is being bought with their own money, and yes the public will get the bill. The corruption runs very deep in this group of pseudo politicians. Be careful how you vote...the next time the BC libs may ruin what's left of the economy. Their friends will benefit, the rest of us will get the bill. The socialization of debt and privatization of profit will continue under their brand of a fraud ridden democracy.

Lenin's Ghost said...

I thought she would announce a 3P project to clear-cut and develop Stanley Park to develop it for the good of the poor and homeless!

RossK said...


Mr. Cooper of the Province has really been doing the digging on this story from all angles...Thus, I would rate his work in this realm as being superior to that of the Globe's Ms. Tomlinson (although hers has been solid as well).



Or, even crazier...How about some actual prosecutions for money laundering.

But, then again... What Chuckstraight said about it being laughable about the wizards of Clarklandia laying a finger on those that pay their piper.

(just hit me after all these the latter CSmith, or some reasonable facsimile thereof?)



Rumour has it that the Keef does sometimes go under the table...But only to reach for the trail of crumbs that has been neatly laid out by the insiders doing their fine dining there, allegedly.



That is a very, very good piece by Jay Rosen that you have linked to re: the proMedia's penchant for finding the sensible middle ground regardless the circumstances...

I'll soon have more to say about this re: the Dean's 'outrage' at the re-hiring of Ms. Miller by the BCL party-party while he continues to ignore what is really going on (for those with a little inside baseball knowledge of all that is [not] Gonzo in old-timey USian proMedia circles, think 'High Broderism')



Thanks for the heads up to the 2nd, considerably older, piece by Mr. Rosen regarding how the atomization of issue-focused digimondable media (in a teeny way, something like this blog, I guess) are weakening the authority of the press...Here Rosen posits an interesting thesis, but, on this one at least, I'm not sure I agree with him...In my opinion this 'weakening' is mostly being driven by the proMedia's headlong race to the bottom feeders (think of the odious and mean-spirited Bill O'Reilly replacing Walter Cronkite on the 'lectronic side, for example...Or, if you really want to get to the heart of the matter, visualize the legacy of someone like James Reston being stomped on by the likes of David Brooks and his most decidedly crooked and non-linear type).




I'm surprised they haven't announced not-so-rapid, non-transporting circle-route trains for every single park in the province run by surplus Sparkle Pony toots (serviced, of course, by 4,321 year non-competitive pretend bidded sole-source contracts to a select consortium of resourcefully working types to be announced the day after the next election).

And then, as per Lenin's Ghost suggestion down thread, we could ship the poor, the disabled, and the troubled to said parks and faux transport hubs to nowhere and charge them double to use both (but only if they chose to do so after they have been forcibly shipped there).

Hey!...And if they don't have a 'Transport to Nowhere' card when they are pushed off the bus into the wilderness with nothing more than a cash-bought transfer in hand?...They can pay again!...Long live the Hatman!!!

(sorry everyone, but the hypocrisy is making me a wee bit batty)


RossK said...


No need to apologize about the rant.

And what you had to say about childhood poverty is something we should all, including people like the Dean and the Keef, should all be concerned about.



What the Keef does on the twittmachine, post-10pm posts excepted, of course, is actually kind of interesting. He takes this weird scattershot approach such that many of his tweets do, indeed lack any internal logic. As time marches on he ignores 95% of what he has posted while seizing on the 5% that is kinda/sorta validated by reality. He then rubs peoples' noses in this 5% in a pathological display of 'told-you-so-itis' (recall, if you will, how he engaged in this behaviour, repeatedly to deal with uppity teachers during the recent job action; he also did this very recently to Laila Yuile, although here he kind of backed himself into a bit of a corner by over trumpeting the work of another proMedia member).



Promised possibilities, indeed.

And I think you all may be on to something re: the possibility of a snap election.

After all, what would happen if, over the next year this faux economy built with off-shore money rushing towards a safe haven (and our currently weak currency) were to wobble such that all this predictive conference board blather of boffo growth (which has often been trumpted as ipso-facto-factoidal fact by the local proMedia) was to go bust?


e.a.f. said...

snap election, that would make sense. The increase in ads, a la harper, are being seen on t.v. on a regular basis. its like the ads are almost copies of the HaperCon ads, especially, the job ads, the harper ad which springs to mind is the woman, non traditional job training. B.C. ad, same type female build and look, non traditional occupation. Young male ad, gee he aspires to own his own truck and Christy and her government got him that truck, because he got that job training and that job..... If that is all the government extols young people to aspire to, a new truck, we truly are in trouble. It used to be young people aspired to own their own homes, now not so much. Of course no matter how hard you work you aren't going to be able to afford a 2 million dollar house in Vancouver, Richmond, Burnaby.

Certainly could be a snap election, before too much information gets out. The N.D.P. certainly don't seem ready for one and there has been no movement by independents to run candidates. A snap election before fire season, would make sense and the federal government slams the door shut on any number of "adventures" by Christy and the Cons.

RossK said...



The rise in ads has been so acute that even Mike Smyth noticed.


e.a.f. said...

its not only the ads, but how similar they were to the federal Cons' ads. Of course if Christy hired a bunch of the "little shits in short pants" from steve's former pool of staff, we know why the ads are so similar. Now we can only hope the ads in B.C. bring Christy and her cabal the same type of luck they brought Steve and his slimers. Guess that is why they have Carol Taylor in the wings.