Monday, May 03, 2010

A Document Dump To Call Our Own....The RailGate Top 40's Newest Member



Post-Dump Monday Update: Have not yet been able to confirm the 15th member of the list yet....Stay-Tuned......
Oh, and for the record
, the first PAB-Bot arrived at 7:14am this morning....I guess the early media monitors do, indeed get the post-weekend worms....Or some such thing.....


It was not in the original proMedia reports, but an eye-witness at Day 1 of the (real)RailGate Trial, and someone who has never steered us wrong in the past, yesterday mentioned Name #14 on the Hit Parade (eg. the list of about 40 fine folks that the Special Prosecutor told the judge and jury in open court may be called as witnesses for the Crown in the Basi-Virk-Basi trial).....

And that name is.....

....Yvette Wells...


Why might Ms. Wells have a few interesting things to say, either under examination or cross-examination, at the RailGate trial?

Well, it turns out that as the Campbell government's 'Executive Director For The Crown Agencies Secretariat' Ms Wells was also a 'Staff Advisor' to the 'BC Rail Restructuring' that went down in 2003.

Which has us wondering, if, perhaps, just by chance, maybe, the good Ms. Wells kinda/sorta made any notes or anything about of all the interesting things that went down during those most interesting of interesting times.....


Below is the up-to-date list of who all the fine folks who we we know for sure are members of the new RailGate Top 40....

Campbell Administration Apparatchiks
Martyn Brown
Kenneth 'The Hatman' Dobell
Brenda Eaton
Yvette Wells

Former WestCoast FedLib Rainmaker
Mark 'ChristyWho?' Marissen

Former Campbell Government Ministers
Judith Reid
Gary 'HarmonyIs(nolonger)MyName' Collins

Railway Magnates
ClaudeMongeau (CN's current Big Boss not named David)
Rob Ritchie (CP's Former Big Boss who cried wolf)
Gary Rennick (OmniTrax' former Big Boss who did not cry wolf, at least not initially)
John McLernon (BC Rail's current Chairman and the former Chair of the 'Evaluation Committee' during the BC Rail Restructuring*)
Kevin Mahoney (BC Rail's current CEO and a former 'Staff Advisor' during the BC Rail Restructuring*)

Agents of OmniTrax who some consider to be 'Free Men From Scotland'
Brian 'EnamelMan' Keiran
Eric 'SpideySense' Bornman


And please accept my apologies PABsters for making you spill your coffee during your regularly-scheduled Monday morning Bloggodome-Trolling Session.....



BC Mary said...

Thanks, RossK,

and Booo! ... Hissss! ... for those who have composed their own imaginary lists,

like the one where I saw the name of Gordon Campbell.

I wish it to be true, but so far ... not confirmed.

North Van's Grumps said...

RossK are you suggesting that everyone who was involved in the "BC Rail Restructuring" team will be called as a witness or more to the point, most of those mentioned by you were on that committee, why not the rest, including the Mayor of Squamish?

And to BC Mary the correct spelling is "Booo!... HST!..."

Laila Yuile said...

Seems to be this name sounds quite

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

I do not know much, but now that the showdown has begun, it is going to be something to see how my country's favourite lawyer stick handles the defence.

G West said...

Have you seen Chris Trumpy's name on any of these 'lists'?

Or can we assume he might be giving evidence for the defence?

RossK said...

Thanks Mary - Seeing as how the proMedia folks that were there are only giving us dribs and drabs, I thought it would be important to keep track.

Again, I've only done this because according to Mr. Mickleburgh's original report in the Globe this is part of the Trial and not the pre-Trial. Thus, I am assuming that this list is not subject to the publication ban.


Not at all....just want to point that those specific folks were really on the inside as the deal went down.

Very interesting post of considerable historical signifcance written way, way before the current judge was appointed Laila.


Why does everything have to come down to hockey with you....

Or Beer....

Or Roller Derby?

Are you suggesting that these just might the finer things in life?


No - I have no direct knowledge of that particular member of the Restructuring Team being named by SP Winteringham as a potential witness last week.


Ian said...

I'd bet a fair bit of cash that Trumpy and Dave Morhart (sp?) will be called. I believe Morhart has said publicly that he maintained his entire email record of the process.

RossK said...


Unfortunately, I have no direct knowledge of either being named by the SP.

Regarding Email issues that came up in pre-trial proceedings, it is my understanding that we cannot speak of them here in the here and now due to the publication ban.

But.... If someone wanted to type someone's name into the search box on the top left corner of this page there is, obviously, no way that I could stop them.



kootcoot said...

If one looks into the documents that were pried from the government through FOI by the semi-loyal opposition Yvette Wells' name comes up so often that at times in the right parts one feels like they are reading her diary.

RossK said...


Say it ain't so Koot.....

But, if one were to check out Laila's link above, well.....