Monday, May 17, 2010

RailGate On (Long) Pause....


Update: Mon May 17th @ 5:00pm: Legal wrangling, which cannot be reported on because the jury was not present in the courtroom, took up the entire day.....Eyewitness Bill Tieleman is reporting that things are now scheduled to begin, in earnest tomorrow morning....That beginning should include, according to Bill, include Judge MacKenzie's instructions to the jury and the Prosecution's outlining of their case against the three accused, all of which should be reportable....

Monday May 17th @ 11am:
Looks like the RailGate Trial is on pause for the moment....Appears to be some wrangling going on....So the jury has been excused until this afternoon.....Wonder if this has anything to do with Ian Reid's cryptic comment about further 'lack of disclosure' issues that still need to be resolved?.......

Meanwhile, OurPressGang's Spanky #2 wrote a column today wherein, almost three weeks after the fact, he finally expanded on the Prosecution's Witness List that was read in open court with, according to Rod Mickelburgh the jury present...

Anyway.....Who should show up on the SP's list of Potential Witnesses, but.....Surprise!....The brother of a former Deputy Premier of British Columbia.....No news there worth reporting there when it actually happens....No sireeeeeeeee......

A couple of new Apparatchiks of Interest, whom we have discussed in the past, but cannot discuss now (but you, yourself, can always investigate using the search box in the top left corner of this blog) show up too.....

So, with no further ado, below, using Keith Fraser of The Province's better-way-late-than-never 'help', is our updated Prosecution's RailGate Top 40' Potential Witness List (new members in blue):

Campbell Administration Apparatchiks
Martyn Brown
Kenneth Dobell
Brenda Eaton
Yvette Wells
Chris Trumpy
David Morhart
Joy Illington

WestCoast FedLib Rainmakers
Mark Marissen
Bruce Clark

Former Campbell Government Ministers
Judith Reid
Gary Collins

Railway Magnates
ClaudeMongeau (CN's current Big Boss not named David)
Rob Ritchie (CP's Former Big Boss who cried wolf)
John Nash (CP Exec.)
Gary Rennick (OmniTrax' COO)
Dwight Johnson (OmniTrax' CEO)
John McLernon (BC Rail's former* Chairman and the former Chair of the 'Evaluation Committee' during the BC Rail Restructuring*)
Kevin Mahoney (BC Rail's former* CEO and a former 'Staff Advisor' during the BC Rail Restructuring*)
Brian Kenning (former* BC Rail Board Member)

Former Agents in the Employ of OmniTrax:
Brian Keiran
Eric Bornman

** We say 'former' given that, the 'Corporate Information' page of the BC Rail website now has only has one person listed, Board Chair, Mr. Peter Milburn....
With all snark off, wanted to mention that Bill Tieleman,
whose back-catalogue is a gold mine for folks that want to understand what's really going down (just use that search-box, top-left), is in the RailGate courtroom today.....However, after today he won't be around because he's going to be taking care of his sick Mom.....We wish her, and him, the best on all counts.....



ricky said...

Its about time this got under way. Too bad two elections have been held since the raid on the leg. Campbell has made a career out of saying one thing and doing the other... And we still elected him

RossK said...

Ricky Freakin' Barnes!!!!

Good to hear from you.

To your point.....Never ceases to amaze me how the proMedia bangs that gong also....As if the fact that they have never gone whole hog on this thing has NOT made a difference on whether or not the Joe and Joy Q. Public thinks stuff like this matters.


Ian said...

Cryptic? Moi? More like addled by the meds.

But I do understand that their is a ban on publications relating to proceedings without a jury present. Fair enough. That means speculation, I believe.

So what could happen that would result in a delay at this point? That seems to be the question. Over at the CBC no brainers are speculating that the defense is unprepared, but can anyone believe that considering how they've run rings around Barardino?

Plus Bolton once represented me in an action. Not one to be unprepared.

And as we know, there were disclosure issues unresolved as recently as a month or so ago, so I'd say either Copley did a document dump at the very last minute, or Copley is exercising privilege contrary to government promises or, finally, Copley is seeking to keep docs already admitted under a Bennet ruling out of the trial (i.e. the application is a government application not a defense application) That's all I can think of. And they all point to government fiddling. And just to be clear that's speculation. Maybe Barardino found out that the date conflicts with a hair appointment.

Ian said...

There not their in line 3. See what I mean about the meds?

RossK said...


Fine, fine, fine, not to mention plausible, speculations that are completely within the public realm based on your observations of many other actions, either in other courtrooms or other situations involving the personalities mentioned.....


ricky said...

Have Canadians ever had a government as corrupt as the BC LibCON group in modern days, say the last 40 years or more?

I doubt it. The BC Rail sale has to rank way up the scale of corruption. For the life of me I can not accept that the three operatives on trial here are the real guilty ones or acted on their own.

These people would not have done what they are accused of without the direction and interference of the political masters they served.

The old story of justice delayed is no justice fits here. The continual procedural delays, deletion of emails, the retirement unexpectantly of heir apparent Gary Collins, Christy Clark's quick retreat and of course Judith Ried's departure suggest to me this trial is a bomb ready to blow.

RossK said...

Good question Rick.

I honestly don't know for sure....but I do know that it is the most radical I have lived through, including that of Dave Barrett, circa 1972-5.

(and Mr. Campbell's 'radicalism' does not favour the people of British Columbia)