Monday, May 10, 2010

How Much Water Can One Man Carry?


Well whadd'ya know.

The Goodship is back, and guess who's on.

First, Stephen Owen pops-up to backstop the Dean's latest bit of SP sophistry.

Then..... Shazam!..... Colin Hansen arrives to tell us how $2000 per family of four is actually good for us because it will allow the corporations running this province to give his political party even more money.

Or some such (pathetic) thing.

And no Bob, I did not listen....Actually heard the promo listening to last night's post-game show....



West End Bob said...

I guessed you probably didn't listen, RossK - Twice within a one week time period would be too much for anyone with a normal quantity of grey matter to endure . . . .

G West said...

One spectacular screw-up.


Where do you START counting?

If the list is full of people who've made spectacularly large contributions to the current gang how can ANYONE judge the magnitude or the number of the failures.

That isn't a system - - it's a crime family.

I think maybe the 'dean' has been pushing weights that are a bit too heavy for him at the Grand Pacific Athletic Club...