Monday, May 31, 2010

RailGate For Real.....Previewing The Return Of Day 4



Update, 2:00pm: Awwwww.......Crumplestiltskins!....Judge dismissed the jury again today....Supposed to be back Wednesday for further cross-examination of Campbell chief-of-staff Martyn Brown....Railgate's most diligent courtroom recorder, Robin Mathews, pushes the publication ban as far as he can and wonders if the delay might be just a wee bit longer over at Mary's....I'll have more to say later....


Assuming that Aneal Basi's sniffles have passed....

And none of the lawyers have suddenly been summoned to have a squash game-induced knee cartilage tear repaired....

Today's the Day for Day 4, for real!


Now, in addition, to some reality-based digging, the long lay-off got me to thinking, lo these many years later, what would have happened if.....

Udhe Singh (David) Basi had never (apparently) unexpectedly appeared on some wiretaps and become a person of interest to The Horsemen while they carried out what ostensibly was a Drug/O'Crime investigation dubbed 'Project EveryWhichWay' way back when?

I mean, what would the principals be up to now, if RailGate had never happened?


Here are my (only half tongue-in-cheek) wildly-speculative guesses:

David Basi.... Would have made a smooth transition into the Premier's office as...You guessed it.....The second coming of the man with many hats.....Which means that poor Mr. Seckel would still be toiling as Festus.....errrrr.....'Deputy' AG.....

Robert Virk.....Would have made good on the 'Bob From Burnaby' moniker, getting elected as a rookie backbencher in 2005 ....After being re-elected, by the skin-of-his-talk-show-assisted teeth, in 2009 he would have replaced Kevin Krueger as Minister-In-Charge-Of-The Marshmallow to be trumpeted by Keith Baldrey as the finest Minister ever who never leaked nothin' 'bout no Casino-Industrial Complex to nobody...

Aneal Basi.....After successfully executing a series of high profile, but completely above-board, newly minted, miscellaneous-statute sanctioned, media-monitoring contracts, Mr. Basi-The-Younger would have been become Ben Stewart's right hand man in charge of E-mail 'recycling'.

Gary Collins....Would have stayed on as Minister of Finance into the front-end of the boom-times only to suddenly quit to take on Robert Milton's old job running a much larger, but not-quite-so-harmonious, airline....

Christy Clark.....Would have moved on to Finance after Mr. Collins' departure....Initially things would go so well that Carole Taylor would never receive Gordon's call/plea for help and instead goes FedLib (the resulting domino effect means former provincial Earth-Wind-And-Fire Minister never gets handed S. Owen's old seat on a silver-StealthCon platter) ....Later, with the HST on the horizon, Ms. Clark sees the writing on wall and momentarily goes rogue during caucus meeting....Gets 'Brenzingered'....Resigns to spend more time with family and have not-so secret meetings with Bill Vanderzalm....

Gordon Campbell.....Doesn't matter.....Regardless, he still would have been forced, due to his accumulated words, deeds and actions, to say this....


OK..... Enough with the joking around.

And I was.

Joking, I mean.

Scheduled for today is the continued defense cross-examination of the prosecution's first witness, Gordon Campbell's chief-of-staff, Martyn Brown.

And if things go according to previous plans, next up for Team Berar(n)dino are straight from the latest edition of the RailGate Top 40, former BC Rail CEO Kevin Mahoney and former Campbell Government Cabinet Secretary Joy Illington....

Enjoy the action.....Talk to you all later.



Anonymous said...

"transparency, accessibility, fairness and honesty are hallmarks of democratic
elections, to be preserved and promoted;"

This from the local election task force:

Now let's hope its not the same animal that the BC Liberals have been abiding by to run an election without mentioning HST and BC Rail.

Kim said...

Oh, oh, looks like the judge may be making her move.

Anonymous said...

"Brown is expected to continue his cross-exam Wednesday."

Read more:

Whatever happened to Tuesday on a Court Calendar?

RossK said...



We don't need no stinkin' Tuesdays!

(or Fridays either, allegedly)

Thanks Kim--

You really think something is up with the Judge?

Robin Mathews, while he thought the 'wrangling' was significant didn't seem overly concerned with the latest developments