Wednesday, May 26, 2010

RailGate 'Round The Bloggodome, Part Deux


The Bloggodome's most fully accredited, not to mention most decorated, RailGate reporter/columnist, Robin Mathews, is worried about the true relevancy of the latest seemingly irrelevant mutterings of the case's very specially chosen prosecutor Mr. William Berar(n)dino:

.....Mr. Berardino, “Special” Crown Prosecutor, announced this (Tuesday May 25th/10) morning that, when court sits again on Monday next [May 31] at nine in the morning, he will bring up the matter of “relevancy. [He means “relevance”, but maybe “relevancy” sounds more important.]

What he will say, doubtless, is that the Defence is throwing a huge net to catch whatever they can [not relevant], while the case is a very simple one about three men allegedly doing dirty little deeds of the kind a free society cannot countenance. “Get on with the simple, straightforward, clear case”, he will say in one way of another.

Canadians (and British Columbians, especially) need to pay close attention to that argument. Upon it, I say, hinges whatever possibility there is for some degree of justice to come out of the Basi, Virk, and Basi trial.....

Personally, I fear Mr. Mathews may be on to something.

And what's worse, all this shushing and the serial disappearing of the defence' homework by her marmymostestness, Mdme. Justice Anne MacKenzie, has me doubly worried.


Meanwhile, Laila, who is doing a damn fine investigative journalist's job on other, non-RailGate, aspects of the Campbellerians' continuously corrosive corruption campaign that never ends, notes that the most dangerous part of an iceberg is the massive, hulking mass of the thing that you cannot see unless you peer under the surface without wearing the proMedia's blackout goggles:

.....This fact is why I can’t help but refer to the Basi-Virk trial as being only the tip of the proverbial iceberg! There is so much more below the surface of this series of events that is indicative of a much larger mass of corruption below the surface of government that most of you see! I laugh when I read opinion editorials that denounce the defense strategy of making this trial about Gordon Campbell, or about the Liberals at large, rather than only Basi and Virk, because I truly believe that even only the facts will prove, beyond a reasonable doubt, that these two men acted on their own accord, without the instructions of those in the highest echelon of the government.

That, my friends, is my truth, and the one that keeps me inspired in continually digging to find the facts that will end this Liberal charade forever.....

And our good friend Gary E., who like, like the patron-saint of real story of the selling of BC Rail, Paul Nettleton, actually hails from the northern part of our great province that has been most greatly affected by the sale of the Railway, has just it with the proMedia coverage of the trial. So much so that he now can't help but notice even when they make a silly mistake that, even we in the Bloggodome essentially never commit (unless I write another piece about Bobby Orr and/or Reggie Leach and inadvertently stick something about Mr. Campbell's alleged, and embarrasing, late adolescent love for all things Cooperall).....

Here's Gary:

.....Imagine my surprise when I highlighted a (Railgate) story by (the fully proMedia-accredited) nhall and when it came up it was under the SPORTS section. Not NEWS or Breaking NEWS but SPORTS.

So my conspiracy theorist mind jumped into high gear and I wondered if this was deliberate and was it happening in the print for?. You see, if it is then there are a whole raft of people (like myself) who wouldn't think of looking in the Sports section for a JURY TRIAL. What do you think of my Conspiracy Theory, Palmer and Baldry?

Now I know that somebody is going to say people make mistakes, but these people are supposed to be PROFessionals with PROFessional editors. Ha!

I'm willing to bet PROF Mathews could do a better job.....

A better job indeed.

Walked the length and breadth of Rue St. Urbain after the science-geek bashing ended a little early today......And while I did not see any Horsemen, I did have a great time, good ice cream,and a couple of damn fine bagels....Very, very, mid-30's hot in Montreal at the moment....So hot that when I hopped in a cab out to Trudeau (the airport bus system, which I normally take to save the folks who sell flowers and stuff to raise money to fund what Ido for real, is crap in this town) the driver smiled broadly, laughed, and said 'Welcome to Saudi Arabia!'......Anyway now that I'm sitting in the departure lounge I just have to mention, again, how much I hate the 'Boingo'....Which reminds me....Just so everybody knows.....We now keep our home wireless wide-open, just in case you happen to come for a visit, or even if you are just sitting out on the boulevard for no good reason at all or, perhaps, listening to the Two E's play something nice....Heckfire!....Imagine if entire neighbourhoods got together on this....We could seriously dent the Greedheaded Telcos' business and use the money saved to pay guys like this enough to seriously stay in business.... Whoops!....Got of on a tangent there for a second....Sorry about that.....I get like this in Airports sometimes when I'm doing everything I possibly can to try and avoid the TeeVee's glare and blare.....Including blasting these guys so loud through the headphones that people turn to stare....OK, that'e enough....Gotta go now.....Time to climb into the Cigar Tube for the ride home.....And my mantra for this flight?.....No matter what....I will not watch "Two and 1/2 Men"....I will not watch....I will not....I will.....I......Arrrrrggggghhhhhhhh.....



Gary E said...

Thanks for the link Ross K. In my post I asked "was it happening in the print for?" that should have read "print form". I think I'll just leave it there, as is, to show I am not a PROfessional.Maybe elicit a response from messers Palmer, Baldrey, or even Neal Hall.

RossK said...


Thanks Gary.

Thing is, the ProMeds make mistakes like that all the time - even with Editors 'allegedly' looking over their should pixels.

My favourite recent example is the NHall VSun column where he spells Berardino incorrectly at least half-a-dozen times over and over and over again.