Thursday, May 13, 2010

Railgate Reporters' Clubhouse....Robin Mathews Need Not Apply



It would appear that the 'Supreme Court Media Accreditation Committee' won't let Robin Mathews into their club.

Which is ludicrous on a whole lotta levels.

Including the fact that I'm pretty darned sure that if Robin was accredited, such that he had been allowed to take a recording device into the courtroom as the other 'legitimate' proMedia reporters are apparently sanctioned to do, that we would actually know all of the 40 names on assistant SP Winteringham's potential witness list for the (alleged) upcoming trial.

Instead of just 14.


Now, if the issue is that Mr. Mathews is not a PAID journalist/reporter, (as was implied by Spanky....errrrr....Neal Hall) well, the Pacific Gazette has just sent him a contract which stipulates that we will pay him 100 Drachmas for every story he files with us, which, of course, will cost us a kinghell-sized pile of worthless former Greek Dineros given that, unlike the rest of the bloody proMedia in this town, Robin has been in that courtroom pretty much every single damn day since the Railgate proceedings began lo' those many years ago.....Sheesh!



kootcoot said...

Hell Ross, I'll chip in another 100 Drachmas!

kootcoot said...
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G West said...

Hi Ross,

Some more very interesting correspondence has just been posted at Mary's place.

I'd say Mr Hall has painted himself and his little committee of like-minded 'working journalists' into a bit of a hole on this file.

It'll be interesting to see if he decides to take another look at HIS decision (considering the other members of the 'club' don't seem to have had much interest in the Basi/Virk case heretofore) before this gets REALLY EMBARRASSING.

RossK said...


Somehow I figure that Robin doesn't want our useless not-so greenbacks given that he's doing this purely out of a sense of civic duty....

(will have more to say about this soon)


RossK said...


It's interesting.

I think many of these folks seem to think that we, the great-unwashed, will just float back out to sea never to be seen or heard fromg again once they've thrown us into the outgoing tide.

Thing is, I don't think that, say, the Goodship Watercarrier feels that way anymore....

Or, put another way, I think Mr. Hall, perhaps, bought into the Ledgie Boys' early, and oft-repeated codswallop that the only folks paying attention are the 5 or 6 members of the RailGate 'cult'.


BC Mary said...

What really irks is the fact that these bozos have blogs of their own.

Kirk LaPointe (Managing Editor of Vancouver Sun) has a blog.

Vaughn Palmer has a blog.

I betcha 90% of "For Hire" journalists run their own blogs.

So what's that big sneer of superiority as the underpinning of exclusion?

Robin Mathews was a published author, poet, playwright, university lecturer and columnist before blogs were invented.

These goomers at BC Supreme Court Accreditation aren't even looking for credentials. It's the thrill of power. One sweep of their magic wand and ...

RossK said...

Heckfire Mary!

Maybe we should set up an arbitrary, self-interested 'Blogger Accreditation Committee'....