Tuesday, May 04, 2010

When, Exactly, Did Donald Segretti Move To South Vancouver?


So, with all the talk about what Kash Heed knew or did not know and when he knew or did not know it, what do we the people of British Columbia actually know?

Well, thanks to Andrew MacLeod in The Tyee, we now know precisely what Mr. Barinder Sall, Mr. Heed's former Campaign Manager has been accused of:

....Campaign manager Sall is also charged with publishing election advertising that didn't meet the legal requirements.

But it also says that between May 7 and 11 he (Mr. Sall) "did impersonate a fictitious individual 'Jag' to [Elections B.C.'s] Gregory Macdonald."

And in July, when police officers investigated, Sall "did fabricate a false story and arranged for that false story to be provided to Constable Kimberly Stark and Staff Sergeant Bud Bishop."

Finally, on or about July 30, Sall "did with intent to defraud Elections B.C., falsify an advertising sponsor disclosure report"....

Hmmmmmm......sounds pretty darned CREEPy to me.

So, who was Donald Segretti?.....Well, he was one of Richard Nixon's chief ratf*ckers who ultimately went to jail for forging campaign literature.



kootcoot said...

"When, Exactly, Did Donald Segretti Move To South Vancouver?"

I think it was shortly after the white haired prevaricator returned from Dartmouth and Nigeria and commenced exploiting railroad grants for Marathon and just kinda rose through the mob ever since ever since by perpetrating ever more audacious and sleazy schemes.

RossK said...