Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Looks Like We Have An Answer To Our Question For The Special Prosecutor


Earlier today we asked (former) Special Prosecutor Terrence Robertson the following question:

"Why, when you had prior knowledge of your law firm's political contribution directly to Mr. Kash Heed, did you wait until AFTER you made your ruling on the case involving Mr. Heed BEFORE you decided to withdraw due to what even you are now admitting is, at the very least, a perceived conflict of interest?"


It looks like we may now have answer, not directly from Mr. Robertson, but instead somewhat indirectly from the Law Society of British Columbia.

Jonathan Fowlie, writing in the VSun, has that answer buried way below his lede, here:

"....(T)he Law Society of B.C. confirmed Wednesday that it has opened an investigation into whether Robertson was in a conflict of interest.

"We are aware of the fact that special prosecutor Terry Robertson has resigned, of course, and we're going to investigate to ascertain if there has been any professional misconduct on his part that may warrant any action by the law society," said Stuart Cameron, the society's director of investigations....."

Funny how a little independent oversight can change a game completely, eh?



Gary E said...

Now if we could only be sure that the Law Society was going to do a complete and thorough investigation and not whitewash this situation I might regain a tiny bit of confidence in the system that we have today in BC.

Anonymous said...


So the Attorney General appoints a Special Prosecutor to investigate illegal election advertising on behalf of the Solicitor General.

Now the Law Society is going to investigate the Special Prosecutor who was appointed to investigate the Solicitor General...:)))))

I don't why the old lady swallowed the fly but we know she died.

Those nursery rhymes can be good lessons for adult life ...