Thursday, May 13, 2010

RailGate Reporters' Clubhouse....Let The Spanking Begin!


As we mentioned earlier today, Spanky/Neal Hall and his Gang of Four proMedia reporters have decided that Robin Mathews should not be accredited for the RailGate Trial, ostensibly because he is ......gasp!...... a Blogger.....

Jim Scott of the Saltspring Island News has already weighed in:

".......But now (with the real trial finally about to begin), it appears that Robin Mathews who has contributed so much to the (Legislature Raids) blog and who, more often than not, was the only reporter present throughout the long proceedings that have led to next Monday's trial date, has been denied press credentials for the trial. Visit BC Mary's blog to view this latest twist and to search the archives for background to the trial. If you care about justice in British Columbia (legal and social), you owe yourself some time there......."

Truth be told, it is baffling to me why a press accreditation committee would want to limit the press coverage of the trial, even if it is in the purely amateur 'citizen journalist' realm.

So.....does this mean that a true independent like, say, Sean Holman would be turned down also? about our friend Laila, who simultaneously blogs as a true amateur and who also does paid freelance work?



Evil Eye said...

Ha, ha, ha - and you thought that the trail would be fair? Open to public scrutiny? Let real reporters in?

Not a chance. In BC, the news is bought and sold like a cheap whore and Gordo and his paid-off scribes will never report the truth.

RossK said...


Don't disagree that there has been a problem re: public scrutiny so far (ie. 'When there is news, we will report it')

Not sure we should actually blame the scribes themselves for the lack of coverage, however (ie. infamous quote above was from an editor, not a scribe)....

But this self-interested accreditation business really is egregious.

More to come on that one based on the decision of the Senate Judiciary Committee (ie. not the scribes themselves) to come...