Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Why Do We Even Have An INDEPENDENT Child And Youth Representative?



Because four years ago Ted Hughes told us that we could not trust the Government of Gordon Campbell to do the right thing without such independent oversight.

And it is important to remember that Mr. Hughes told us this in the wake of a tragedy involving a vulnerable and helpless child that occurred AFTER Mr. Campbell had scrapped the independent representative for vulnerable kids once already.


Given all that history, the Watercarriers and the professional Obfuscators should stop spreading the sh*t in an attempt to obscure the fact Mr. Campbell and his lickspittles are now doing their darnedest to squash that representative's independence.

Right now.

And any proMedia representatives that do not call the Watercarriers and the Obfuscators on their sh*t spreading should be held responsible when the next tragedy comes.

Because, if Mr. Campbell et al. are allowed to sweep things under the rug again that tragedy most certainly will come.

And, as a result, we will very likely have another Commission like the one Mr. Hughes headed previously.....

And in the end there will be another call for.....

You guessed it......

A truly independent Child and Youth Representative.

And in the meantime the most vulnerable and helpless in this Province will STILL not get the care and attention they deserve.




Gary E said...

Right on Ross K. And very well put.

RossK said...

Thanks Gary.

I wrote extensively on this most serious matter at the time.

And I do my best not to forget stuff that actually matters.....

Gary E said...

Yes Ross. I've read your stuff. I don't always comment because I usually agree with you on most things.
On this post I could not agree more. And I had to refrain from commenting because I don't think I could have contained my language.
I've been waiting for these bastards to find a way to get rid of her.
Just typical liberal horseshit. Please the people for a while then make it all go away.

RossK said...

Actually Gary, I think they do their level best to please the lazy-assed proPunditry until the latter turn their attention to the next shiny-bauble that comes along....Then they stick the shiv in....