Saturday, May 01, 2010

A Saturday Morning Redemption Song


The life story of Wilbert Rideau, who spent 44 years in prison for a crime he most certainly did commit, is one of true brutality, and even more truthful beauty.

He is an amazing man who has made many people's lives all the more amazing just because he was, in the end, given a chance to live out his own.

And he tells Terry Gross all about one more time.

It's 38 minutes of the best radio you will ever hear.

And I dare anyone to listen to the last 2 minutes without feeling their heart run crimson red.

Not to mention their eyes.


Mr. Rideau, after spending 12 years on death row in-and-out of solitary confinement, entered the general population in one of the bloodiest and most violent prisons in the Western world where he would spend another 30 years as a jailhouse journalist and an agent of change for the better before he was finally released in 2005. He has since written a memoir which I plan on buying today.


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