Saturday, May 08, 2010

Donor Lists Gone Wild....Heiniousity Takes The Stage


There is nothing deader than this doornail that was just laid at old Lady Irony's bony feet, as reported by the Canadian Press, with an assist from Dirk Meissner:

The lawyer who will argue against Canada’s ban on polygamy in a reference case this fall should step aside because of financial ties to the British Columbia government, says an admitted polygamist whose failed prosecution prompted the case.....


When the court's chief justice hears the case this fall, lawyer George K. MacIntosh will fill a position known as amicus, meaning he will take the opposing view from lawyers for the Attorney-General's Ministry and argue that polygamy laws are unconstitutional.

Mr. MacIntosh was nominated by the Ministry of the Attorney-General and appointed by the court.

His law firm appears on Liberal donor lists as giving more than $50,000 worth of contributions since 2005. And Elections B.C. lists a George K. MacIntosh as having personally donated $2,500 to the Liberal Party in 2005.

It's a conflict of interest, said Mr. Blackmore, one of two leaders in the polygamous community of Bountiful, near the town of Creston in southeastern B.C......

So there you have it.....

Gordon Campbell's lawyer friends are no longer good enough for even Winston Blackmore anymore.


Original Link Source: Mr. Berner.....But only because I got my dead tree version of the Globe late today....


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