Thursday, May 06, 2010

And The Jester Sang For The King And Queen...

....In A Coat He Borrowed From 'The Dean'.


We have already established that Colin Hansen is the 'Obfuscator King' based on his actions, words and (mis)deeds regarding the HST.

But as for the Queen?

Well, in our opinion, that would be Ms. Mary Polak.

For many, many, many reasons.

Not least of which are her constant obfuscations and prevarications, as well as her ability to generate a never-ending barrage of pretzel-logic, on the matter of her Government's continued, and concerted, efforts to strip the independent Child and Youth Representative, Mary Ellen Turpel-Lafond, of her.....


By way of evidence, we offer up Exhibit #34,727.

Specifically, in the video above, from Sean Holman and Public Eye, Ms. Polak constantly returns (aided and abetted for the most part by a compliant press gallery that continues to be mesmerized by the shiny, meaningless objects being dangled, spinning, in front of their noses) to her talking point, which is the 'fact' that because Ms. Turpel-Lafond has only asked for cabinet documents once before that it is ridiculous that she would wish to do so now, unfettered by independence-stripping 'protocols'.


And just who is the 'Dean' we refer to in the sub-header?......Well, we leave that to you to figure out, but just to be clear, in this case, his first name is not James....



Norm Farrell said...

Ms. Square Spectacles, looking ever so severe, is there once more, recording every word the Minister utters. If they dare speak out of turn, she marches them into the vice principal's office for immediate discipline, digital evidence in hand.

Josef, obviously, no use hiding it said...

I'm going to post an alternative view.

Perhaps Mary Polak wants to leak stuff from Cabinet... but can't. She did the first time get a deal for the advocate, but now that's not an option due to "cabinet confidentiality" - hundreds of years of British Commonwealth tradition to combat.

Well she wanted tolerance for gays but Heather Stillwell and too many Surrey residents didn't. So Mary went to the liberal courts... and then a cool mil or so later whammed down a committee to find appropriate books.

Why do I smell a repeat of Mary the Maestro? Uh-huh, that's Mary Polak for you... just when you think she's left or right, she shocks ya.

RossK said...




RossK said...


Once again, you make absolutely no sense whatsoever.

You're going to have to at least try to keep up if you are going to succeed in re-making yourself into a pint-sized version of Raphael Alexander, serial obfuscator.



kootcoot said...

I'm surprised you haven't heard from the president of Mary's fan club - Polakite who seems to care for two things - Mary and video games.

RossK said...


Door #2, above.....